December 8, 2023

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5 Favorite Living Rooms That You’ll Love Too – Schneiderman’s {the blog}

5 Favorite Living Rooms That You’ll Love Too – Schneiderman’s {the blog}

favorite living room - cozy nook by the stone fireplace

We did a round-up in our last post of some top decorating posts from 2016, but today I’m posting some of my favorite rooms from the year.

Since we post about a lot of different topics and rooms throughout the year, narrowing it down was a bit of a dilemma.  So I made it a little easier and focused on favorite living rooms.

There are a lot of those too, of course, so I had to limit myself to 5 :-).   Here they are in no particular order…

1. Charming Chesterfield.

The Chesterfield sofa has it all – a classic silhouette, great style, interesting details, and amazing versatility a design standpoint.

I would probably be drawn to check out any room that had a Chesterfield sofa in it, but the way our designers pulled together this modern take had me at hello.  One of my all-time favorite living rooms, for sure!


2. Must-Have Minnesota.

This warm casual space is just one in a whole series of rooms from our Minnesota Casual Home Series.   I loved the warm and inviting feel of the entire MC home we designed, but this room won my vote for favorite room.

Open plan living room with gray walls, warm neutrals, and layered rugs

3. Cozy Corner.

Okay.  So technically not a living room – just a cozy corner of this loft bedroom.  But it would definitely also work in a living room. and I love the mix of elements in this space, don’t you?

(It’s also a great example of how to style a console or chest…)

Cozy corner of a loft bedroom that could work in a living room too

4. Blushingly Beautiful.

A living room so new that I haven’t shared it with you yet on the blog, so YAY for new rooms!

There a lot of things to love about this room, but two of my favorite things are the mix of elements used to create a perfectly blended space, and the unique perspective that it was shot from that allows you to see almost the whole room.

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If you love the blush tones you’re seeing everywhere (and the faux fur trend), and you’re looking for subtle ways to incorporate them into your space, its’s a great room to imitate.

5. Style Stamp.

I had to include this one in my favorite living rooms, mostly because I’m a huge fan of before and after images of almost anything decorating-wise.

I love seeing how changing up just up a few things like fabrics and paint can create a whole different vibe in any space, and it’s always fun and inspiring to see how our customers put their personal style stamp on our furniture (#schneidermans).

Pretty sure you’ll love this post too.

Favorite Living Rooms - before and after sofa makeover

More inspiration!

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