December 11, 2023

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6 stylish, elegant yet cosy living rooms you have to see

6 stylish, elegant yet cosy living rooms you have to see

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From earthy, tactile spaces to modern, contemporary designs, take a look at these spellbinding living rooms

For an incorrigible aesthete, there’s nothing more satisfying than having a well-designed, comfortable living room. This primary space meant for enjoying family time and welcoming loved ones, sets the tone for the rest of the home. If you’re in the mood to design or redecorate this very important space, then these Vadodara homes will give you plenty of food for thought.

Light and Materiality

The living room of this discreet 15,000-square-feet Vadodara bungalow called Yahvi, owned by a business family, is housed under a pitched wooden roof, and displays motifs of flora and fauna. A series of black-and-white paintings of a bull, Rsabha by Ravindra Salve, a bronze leopard sculpture, and a painting of a bird by Amarnath Sharma adorn this room. Like many earlier projects of Jiten Tosar and Yatin Kavaiya of Usine Studio, abundant natural light floods into the space and the room is illuminated only by a chic chandelier and pedestal light in the evening. The warm glow of the lighting against the olive-grey sofas and the yellow armchairs beneath the sloping wooden ceiling imbue a semi-modern charm.

Wood and beige

An open-plan layout in the living area where the children can roam around with ease, interiors that add warmth to space, and ample storage…the clients wanted Studio 7 Designs to create a luxe yet relaxed atmosphere inside their 4 BHK home in Vadodara. The family of four lives in this charming home done up primarily in wood and veneer, complemented with a neutral colour palette. The living area with its grey-hued furniture induces a subtle charm. Most of the fixed as well as movable furniture is custom made on-site and is as per the client’s requirements.

Rustic Charm in this Vadodara Home

Located on a 2.5-acre plot in the outskirts of Vadodara is this weekend home, surrounded by a lush green landscape. A unified colour palette, with a hint of wood in the furniture, metallic accents in black and brass, and restrained use of blues and greens in the upholstery and artwork balance out the starkness of the walls. This helps achieve a minimalist vibe. A curved ceiling defines the central living area and creates dancing shadows with the movement of light throughout the day. Attached to the ceiling of the living room are custom-designed, brass lighting fixtures that run through the entire length of the space, adding a warm glow to the area. Additionally, the room has large custom-made windows, which are operated by a single lever. When opened fully, these windows offer unobstructed views of the verdant greenery outside.

Modern yet Traditional

This bungalow in Vadodara, designed by Tanvi Rajpurohit and Archis Patel of A+T Associates, is modern, yet rooted in traditions. The living has an ultra-modern colour scheme wherein variations of grey are used for ceiling, walls and flooring in combination with a tone of white American oak for furniture. The material palette is restrained. The furniture is functional and minimalistic with an elementary and swank appeal. The chic sofa and lounge chair in the room are from Natuzzi and Kuka, and other Italian brands too take centre stage. The heart of the house is the red dot art installation along the sculptural staircase. The living room opens into a semi-covered courtyard space.

Oversized Art and Sculptures

The living room of this bungalow which is home to a joint family is designed by Mehul and Mitul Shah of Studio Yamini. The room sports cream and beige palette, and the backrest of the chairs are upholstered in ikat fabric. Oversized art and sculpture conspire to breathe their customary life into space, while the bars at the window offer a discreet level of security. The large sliding doors enable views of the picturesque garden and even permit stepping out into the greenery.

Subtle Aesthetic

Adopting a counterintuitive approach, Dipen Gada has inverted the centuries-old tried-and-tested design of the entrance in this home in Vadodara—all without sacrificing a sense of arrival. The structure situated on a sprawling 75,000-square-feet lush green plot has clean, bold lines and a linear footprint which runs along the east-west axis. The enormous living room is awashed with natural light and the slowly moving sciography created by the pergola above the skylight gives a dynamic look to the space. The room employs a subtle aesthetic rather than an opulent one.


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