December 2, 2023

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9 Best Luggage Brands for Everyone 2022

9 Best Luggage Brands for Everyone 2022

The Best Luggage Brands For Every Type Of Travel Ft Via Merchant, via merchant (3)

Which brand is best for luggage?

Whether you’re a frequent or infrequent flyer, it’s essential to find a piece of luggage that meets your individual needs and gets you through TSA quickly. The best luggage brands offer something for every budget and traveler, but to find your perfect luggage fit, you need to know the types of luggage available.

  • Checked baggage goes under the airplane and needs to be handed off to airline personnel upon arrival at the airport. These bags can be larger and include full-size toiletries and liquids.
  • Carry-on luggage is, as its name suggests, compact enough to carry onto the airplane and meets the size restrictions of the airline you’re flying.
  • Underseat luggage is even smaller than a carry-on, designed to fit directly under the seat as opposed to in the overhead bin.

If you’re looking for more than one piece of baggage, consider investing in a luggage set, which offers smart value as well as a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts will appreciate smart luggage, which comes complete with a built-in battery to charge your devices. Just avoid a travel mistake by remembering to remove the batteries if you’re checking the bag.

To find the best luggage brand for you, travel blogger Kara Harms advises to “look at the fabric type, the number and placement of pockets, wheel rotation and other hardware details on top of the internal size of the luggage.” She prefers bags with “some sort of security feature built-in,” such as TSA-approved locks, to prevent people from breaking into your bag, which she says “has absolutely happened before while traveling.”

Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

The best luggage brands feature high-quality materials, so both hard-shell bags and soft-sided luggage are durable in different ways.

Because of their fabric exterior, soft-sided suitcases are easy to store and maneuver. They also tend to be more lightweight than hard-sided luggage. Plus, many of them also have exterior pockets. On the other hand, hard-shell luggage boasts a sturdy exterior, which is generally made with plastic or aluminum. Since hard-shell suitcases are, well, harder, they may offer more protection if there are fragile items packed in your carry-on. They’re also easier to clean.

The best luggage brands

We found the top-reviewed and top-performing luggage brands for every type of travel and budget:

Essential 2 Wheel Carry On Ecomm Via Briggs

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Best overall

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is among the best luggage brands for every traveler. The high-end suitcases come in both hard- and soft-shell varieties. Most of their hard-sided bags are made with sturdy polycarbonate, while a majority of their soft-sided options are crafted with ballistic nylon, known for its incredible longevity. Some, like the Carry-on Expandable Spinner, also offer additional features like built-in garment panels (which help prevent clothes from wrinkling), RFID-blocking pockets to keep your info safe and the brand’s proprietary PowerPocket, which allows for easy USB charging while on the go. Just connect your favorite portable charger.


  • Luggage collection spans from soft-shell suitcases, hard-shell luggage and duffels
  • Known for its durability
  • Bonus features for safety, accessibility and expanded space


  • High-end quality comes with higher prices
  • Suitcases can weigh up to 10 pounds, so it’s not the most lightweight option

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