December 5, 2023

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Bohemian Style Decor Ideas from Australian Homes

Bohemian Style Decor Ideas from Australian Homes

Bohemian-style living rooms scream cozy, comfy, and “come sit awhile.” Characterized by lots of green plants, layers of color and pattern and a healthy mix of eclectic furnishings, bohemian living rooms are also budget-friendly! In fact, the more vintage, often the better. Though there are plenty of great examples of bohemian living room lounges in the States…there’s one country that seems to be knocking it out of the ballpark.

If you’re on the hunt for envy-inducing interior design eye candy to inspire your own bohemian style living space, look to Australian homes! Time and time again, Aussie homeowners and renters craft living room lounge areas that feel inviting, comfy, and most of all — casual. Unpretentious, these living rooms mix design styles, eras, patterns and their own je ne sais quoi. They’re stunning rooms, but most of all, they feel accessible — both to design and to enjoy.

Daybed seating, lots of natural textures and patterns galore…this home’s living space begs to be lounged in.

It’s the ultra low orange couch coupled with patterned floor pillows and a gorgeous rug that makes this corner boho and bold.

I love that this living room has bohemian vibes without feeling cliché. It’s the ’80s-style fabric on the sofa and matching chair, it’s the weird art and the big plant. Everything works for a cool and casual feel here.

This living room is pulling off a minimal boho look. Because of the ultra-plush, over-sized rug, the low earthy brown seating and boho elements like the natural texture poof and hanging macrame accessory, this room manages to have boho vibes even though it doesn’t have a lot of “stuff.”

Though this is a living room filled with secondhand finds, it’s a well-balanced space. Soft curves on the seating beckon. Oversized plants flank the velvet sofa. And a plethora of throw pillows complete the look.

I think the boho power of this living room is the layer on layer on layer of bold, energetic pattern partnered with low-height seating.

Even though this house’s architecture is grand and airy, the living room still feels super cozy, casual and comfy. The boldly patterned sofas with big cushions add to the vibes. And then there are layers of throw pillows and blankets, in sumptuous materials. This is an eclectic living room with a hint of bohemian.

When I think of bohemian spaces, I think of bringing nature inside. And this home made out of eco-friendly materials is filled with earthy textures.

I also don’t think bohemian has to necessarily refer to rooms that are filled with plants. I like the idea of artsy bohemian — an eclectic space filled with interesting art and accessories in all kinds of nooks and corners. Like this living room.

Cheery colors and peppy patterns mix with an enviable art collage wall in this space.

Layering a rug on top of wall-to-wall carpet immediately gives off a bit of a boho vibe in this living space, but then added to that are levels of soft fabrics and even a fun hanging garland.

I love this living room’s country boho energy. The combination of lots of vibrant hues and the diversity of patterns and graphics helps this house’s traditional architecture loosen up.

Earthy color tones, a natural-fiber rug and plants high and low give this layered living room corner an ultra cozy vibe.

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