December 2, 2023

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C Design Lab

C Design Lab

Recent Publications

  • VIPOVipo: Spatial-Visual Programming with Functions for Robot-IoT Workflows
  • AvaTutorAn Exploratory Study of Augmented Reality Presence for Tutoring Machine Tasks


  • Header-Distinguished Professor-ProvostProfessor Karthik Ramani Ratified as Donald W. Feddersen Distinguished Professor
  • IMG_3769C Design Lab at UIST 2019, New Orleans

Featured Publications

  • GhostARFeatureGhostAR: A Time-space Editor for Embodied Authoring of Human-Robot Collaborative Task with Augmented Reality
  • VRa DISV.Ra: An In-Situ Visual Authoring System for Robot-IoT Task Planning with Augmented Reality

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