September 27, 2023

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Ceiling Designs

Ceiling Designs

in this post we will represent for you all stretch ceiling design that previously shared in this blog , to know more details about each design click on its image to be redirected to its article

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it’s a streamlined stretch ceiling, the white parts in this design were made of solid pvc to install the stretched   reflexive parts that takes the brown color, the brown part has many small halls in its body to make a view like the stars in the sky with the lighting that was installed under the ceiling
creative design for a living room stretch ceiling , this reflexive triangle in the center of the ceiling is  made of flexible PVC , this triangle makes the ceiling design suitable for the living rooms that have a length  larger than its width
wonderful stretch ceiling for bedrooms , this artistic design suits the musicians and music loves ! the white part is made of flexible pvc and the black parts are made of printable fabric, all previous parts are installed by the solid pvc that fill the other parts in the amazing ceiling
elegant design for a stretch ceiling with a great mix between the solid pvc and the flexible-reflexive pvc to make this amazing view, this elegant design suits the living rooms with small areas , if you have one you must think in carrying out this designs
it’s seems to be a simple design , but in fact it’s a complicated ceiling design, it has two lighting typs and tow materials , there is a hidden lighting between the white false ceiling that made of solid pvc and the gray triangle that made of flexible pvc, it also has a small crystal chandelier, this ceiling design suits the closed living room not opened one.

the white parts are made of solid PVC to install the ceiling lighting spots and also to install the other brown parts that are made of flexible and brilliant PVC or stretched PVC .. it’s amazing ceiling for your round living room
this ceiling design has some differences from the previous design, their are the hidden lighting between the solid layer and the stretched layer, the stretched layer is installed in  walls not in the solid layer .and the last difference is that this design suits all living rooms not the round one only.

Ceiling Designs

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