December 8, 2023

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Your Dream House

Consider 3 popular design trends when designing your dream home

Consider 3 popular design trends when designing your dream home

The Sanibel at Bayside

Many people fantasize about the ideal features they hope to design in their dream homes. Social media platforms can offer a bevy of home design trends for potential homebuyers and homeowners searching for ideas to create or modernize a home that meets their needs, however, between so many DIY options and limiting budgets, designing a dream home may often be a difficult accomplishment for some people. Especially if they’re new to the process. Thankfully, there’s a solution to the choice overload, lack of experience or budget limitations.

Schell Brothers, a premier home construction company based in Rehoboth, Delaware, boasts a complimentary online and in-person Design Studio where new homeowners can find the guidance they need to create a personalized home that they can cherish for years. Below are three design trends that can help any homeowner create and personalize their ideal space. 

The Kingfisher at Marsh Island

1. Utilize flex areas to relax in or entertain loved ones.

Designing a home with the goal of relaxation and recreation is crucial to help homebuyers feel a sense of comfort and pride in their new property. After the pandemic especially, entertainment areas, including wet bars and flex spaces like in-home yoga studios, became more popular design features for new homeowners who want to relax or entertain their loved ones in the privacy of their own homes.

Schell Brothers’ Design Studio offers versatile built-ins, functional wet bars, and experts that advise on designing flex spaces so homeowners can take advantage of any extra room for recreational activities. Whether those excess spaces are turned into craft studios to entertain the grandchildren or a yoga studio to recenter after a long day, the Design Studio gives new homeowners the potential to reimagine the space and maximize the fun memories they can create in them.

2. Make a statement with a splash of color!

Color often helps harmonize the specific design elements in a home, provides a sense of ambiance, and even hints at a homeowner’s personality. Among today’s popular home design trends, many people are opting to make a statement in their homes with a color palette that reflects their tastes. 

Homeowners who wish to explore which color palettes, tiles colors and patterns will work best within their new property can take Schell Brothers’ free online Design Style Quiz to expand their vision. Here, Schell Brothers’ Idea Gallery allows homebuyers to view each color palette and design style. 

For instance, kitchen cabinets don’t have to be one plain color in modern homes. Guests can choose between Sapphire and Aqua to Celtic and Evergreen colors in various styles. As they browse through the selection, they can see firsthand how the color balances with the other accents in the house. Choosing a striking color can add the “wow factor” to any dream kitchen or living area.

3. Bask in natural lighting.

It’s no surprise that natural lighting remains a frequently requested design feature for new homeowners – and there are many beneficial reasons to include daylight in a home! Natural lighting reduces the need for artificial light and makes buildings more energy efficient. However, it’s also a design strategy to connect home dwellers with the natural world, including fresh air, sunlight and beautiful views of nature. Daylight also promotes social interactions and helps create a sense of wellbeing in homeowners, supporting improved vitality and physiology associated with good health. 

The Orchid at Saddle Ridge

Schell Brothers’ floor plans provide abundant natural light, allowing homeowners to not only put their health first but also enjoy striking details that make a home uniquely theirs. In the online Design Studio, anyone can register and log in to browse the window selections. In particular, the Studio’s Idea Gallery or Selections Library offers inspiration to envision how fixtures like wood beams, stone fireplaces, and built-in bookcases bathe in the sun’s natural light. Clients can also make in-person appointments with a design specialist at the Décor Direct Design Studio to learn how windows and lighting designs complement the other design elements that make Schell Brothers’ properties ideal.

Whether homeowners need help deciding which color palette or design style to use in their property, Schell Brothers provides the resources to make a comfortable dream home a reality!

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