December 8, 2023

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Your Dream House

Coolest Home Design Games

There are plenty of great choices for those who love creating unique homes for themselves...

There are plenty of great choices for those who love creating unique homes for themselves not just in real life but in games too. Players can build one-of-a-kind buildings thanks to some of the most fun RPGs, life sims, and the best architecture games.

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These creative home design games transport their players into magical fantasy and fictional lands in which they can freely build and design out-of-this-world homes for themselves. Players can get lost in some of the best life sim games while exploring their imaginative and story-rich worlds and customizing their gaming homes. Players can create their own gaming dream homes inspired by their favorite show as well as get inspiration and new ideas for their next real-life home decoration projects.


7 Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most fun family-friendly games in which players can actually decorate their temporary homes. In this vibrant and beautiful game, players will use a special ship to travel and explore the various Kingdoms of the game while getting into all kinds of fun adventures and collecting coins.

Players can use these special coins to decorate their ships by buying fun stickers and souvenirs in the stores of the Kingdom’s cities. Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best casual games with the most replay value which means that players can decorate their ships over and over again a bit differently.

6 Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best games for players who love unique home design games. This stunningly beautiful massively multiplayer RPG is set in a magical fantasy land with various creatures. While there is some fighting in this game more casual players can just do the fun daily tasks in the game and of course design some of the most detailed and gorgeous virtual homes for themselves.

Final Fantasy XIV is famous for its brilliant world-building and one of the things most players love about the game is the great customization options. Players can choose a land and a home for themselves and design and decorate every inch of it with all kinds of items. In this magical game, players can create some of the most breathtaking homes that are both realistic and otherworldly at the same time.

5 Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the most exciting new early-access life simulation games in which players can finally create their dream Disney homes. Players will get a chance to get lost and explore this magical land and build and design not only their own homes but whole neighborhoods filled with the most beloved Disney and Pixar characters.

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Players will be immersed in this vibrant and story-rich world and will have to learn how to cook, fish, and how to find Royal tools to advance in the game and upgrade their homes. Players will get a chance to craft their own pieces of furniture and move from smaller houses and create and decorate their favorite palace.

4 My Universe – Interior Designer

My Universe – Interior Designer is one of the most fun and casual life-sim games in which players can not only design and decorate realistic dream homes but can learn about various styles, coverings, and types of furnishings. Players can play this single-player in two modes, renovation, and decoration mode while becoming the most successful agents in their town.

In renovation mode, they’ll be able to completely design their homes and remove walls and create the perfect home for their clients. While in decoration mode they’ll be able to fully design the homes and choose colors, furnishing, and everything else involving interior design. It’s a considerably easy and relaxing but creativity-boosting game that’s perfect for beginner and more experienced gamers alike.

3 Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is one of the most realistic home design building sim games that’ll help players learn how actual home design works in real life. Players will be able to fully use all their creativity and home design skills while drawing and illustrating their unique floor plans and bringing all their home design dreams alive.

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It’s the perfect game not only for home decor gamers but also for those who are looking for new ideas for their real-life homes and are not sure how to start. Thanks to this realistic and casual game players can build and decorate their homes indoors and outdoors. Players can change the size, color, and texture of the furniture and other decor items, and can even import their own pictures and apply them as textures.

2 Hokko Life

Hokko Life is one of the cutest new early access farming life sim games that are perfect for players who love whimsical video games. This cozy RPG transports its players into the charming Hokko village where they’ll have to take over an old workshop and use their creativity not only to create their own homes but to design tools and craft all kinds of materials for their village.

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It’s one of the most relaxing family-friendly games in which players can design the inside and the outside of their homes and create some of the most charming homes in gaming. Players will have to learn how to use their tools and improve their crafting skills to be able to create unique wallpapers and all other furniture and decor items in their shop.

1 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular adventure life sim games in which players will get a chance not only to build their homes from scratch but a whole community while also enjoying seasonal activities just like in real life. Players will have to learn how to fish, craft, decorate, and garden to bring life and build their own communities on a deserted island.

Gamers have to learn what are the most essential items for their islands and build and decorate unique homes. Players get to explore and fully customize the characters in this cute and fun game as well as share with others. One of the most fun parts about this game is that players can visit their friends’ and family members’ islands and check out all that they created in the game.

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