October 1, 2023

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Darius Rucker’s proposed pool house plans raise concerns among Broad Street neighbors

Darius Rucker’s proposed pool house plans raise concerns among Broad Street neighbors

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Neighbors voiced their concerns about a planned expansion of a South of Broad property owned by musician Darius Rucker.

Conceptual plans were submitted for approval to the City of Charleston Board of Architectural Review consisting of a new pool, pergola, and a two-story pool house in the side yard of a historic home along Broad Street.

The home is currently under renovation. Designs for the additions include a refurbished garden area and an expanded parking lot behind the new pool house, which is connected to an adjacent property previously used by the administration for the Catholic Diocese of Charleston.

Rendering submitted to the Charleston Board of Architectural Review

But some who live in the area feel the add-ons would detract from the historic nature of the home and historic neighborhood appeal. Most neighbors simply feel the pool house is too large for the space.

“In our opinion BAR should not approve the proposal in its current format because a pool house of this size and scale does not fit with the historic features within the neighborhood,” said one neighbor in an online public comment submitted to the BAR.

“The two-story pool/guest house … is out of scale and dominates the view from Broad St. and detracts from the historic main house,” said another neighbor.

That neighbor also called the proposed fountain a distraction and said water could “blow over onto the sidewalk” along Broad Street.

Another said the proposed refurbished parking lot is unnecessary and would encourage large gatherings. “Perhaps this is the intent of the current owners, who are all in various aspects of the entertainment business,” the neighbor quipped.

While some design changes were recommended during the August 11th meeting, the plans were allowed to move forward.