December 11, 2023

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Decor To Look Out For: 2020 Home Design Trends

Decor To Look Out For: 2020 Home Design Trends

Trends have come and gone throughout the decades, while some home design staples have stayed around. While the year was filled with some fads that are going to stay in 2019, many trends were brought back into full swing and will come with us into the new year. Slowly, we started steering away from the largely popular minimalist decor and began moving towards its counterpart: bold colors, playful patterns, unique textures, and so much more.

With all things said and done (almost), we’re equal parts excited and hopeful for what’s to come in 2020! Based on current and previous home decor trends, we’ve researched and compiled some upcoming predictions as to what’s in store for the new year. So, let’s get into what is being left behind, what’s staying, and new trends to expect as we enter into a new decade.

Trends to Leave in 2019

The Formal Dining Room

As Generation Z slowly starts to enter the world of homebuying (or renting), we’ve been seeing a decline in the want for a formal dining room. While it can be an added bonus, it’s usually not at the top of the generation’s list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, if it’s on it at all. Opting for a casual space, like an eat-in kitchen, rather than a formal one allows for Gen-Z to focus their attention on other important aspects in a home or apartment– things like a backyard for entertaining or an open concept floor plan.

dining room


Neutral Color Palette

Springing forward into a new decade sometimes means leaving behind a favorite trend. Neutral colors in the home held reign over other trends since the early 2000s, but now we’re looking into a better, and brighter, future. Although shades of white, black, and brown will still be a staple in balancing out bold color palettes, it’s time to leave behind the completely white room and furniture.

Trends to Bring into 2020

Mindfulness in Design

Can your home decorating really affect your overall well-being? Absolutely. Mindfulness in the way one design their home has been becoming more and more popular has the years go on, but 2020 is going to breathe more life into it. Multi-functional furniture is one way to increase your mindfulness in the way you furnish your humble abode; it minimizes the amount of space used while maximizing the benefits a single piece of furniture can offer.

Trend Tip: Mindfulness isn’t just about practicality, it can also help reduce stress and anxiety. Mayo Clinic suggests taking 10 to 15 minutes a day to focus on storing items that may be considered clutter in order to improve your mental well-being.

Naturalist Design

Wooden accents and plenty of lush greenery have surely made a comeback in the summer of 2019 and show no signs of stopping moving forward into 2020. The perfect color palette for those interested in having a natural home of their own includes shade of cream, brown, green, reds, and oranges (if it’s a warm tone, try it!).

naturalist design


Trend Tip: Real plants are cheaper than fake plants, but definitely require more maintenance. If you have the time, check out a list of plants that can also help improve your home’s atmosphere.

Breakout Trends of 2020

All About Contrast

Mixing fun colors and textures is an easy way for people to spark creativity and add some contrast to break up the typical home decor style we’re used to seeing. If you want your space to feel unique, consider using contrasting colors, textures, or patterns in your home design for 2020. From bright yellows and wooden accents to shades of blue with metallic contrasts, faux furs and leather finishes– the options are endless. The best part of this trend? The experiments are endless, making it the perfect trend to bring with us into the new year.

Trend Alert: According to Pinterest, searches for white cabinetry and black countertops has been at the forefront of 2020 home design searches; increasing by 1,276% year over year.

kitchen black and white

Mid-Century Modern

As the farmhouse and minimalist trend begins to fade away and bright colored, simple furniture makes a comeback, the mid-century modern lover in all of us starts to get excited. Inspired from decades such as the 50s and 60s, you can find contrasting colors, wooden accents, and unique shapes in the furniture you buy.



Trend Tip: Modern mid-century furniture can be really affordable if you look in the right places. Ikea offers great products that combines Scandinavian home design with mid-century style. Which Ikea item is the most popular in your state?

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