June 6, 2023

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Decorating a Bathroom in Tuscan Design | Home Guides

Decorating a Bathroom in Tuscan Design | Home Guides

Warm, welcoming and earthy, a Tuscan bathroom becomes a place where you are able to relax at the end of the day. Inspired both by the architecture and the surrounding hills of the Tuscany region in western Italy, true Tuscan design permeates every area of a room. Decorate your bathroom from end to end using the colors, materials and styles of Tuscany.


Tuscan architecture and interior design pulls its color palette from the hills that surround it. This rich, earthy color palette includes tones and shades of gold, yellow, pine and hunter green, apricot, sienna, terra cotta, cream, tan and sky blue. Plan on using any combination of these colors as your starting point for a Tuscan bathroom. Keep the overall tone of the bathroom warm, using blue and green only as accent colors to add a small amount of contrast and bring some definition to the space. For example, keep the walls and floors a warm terra cotta, and use sky blue towels to accent.


Just like the colors of the Tuscan palette are pulled from the surrounding countryside, so are the materials used to create its architecture. Natural stone, including granite, marble and limestone, natural and stained hardwoods, terra cotta and warm metals like copper and bronze are used throughout a Tuscan bathroom. Consider using tumbled or rustic stone tiles on the floor for texture and depth. Use plain or glazed terra cotta tiles in a shower or on the bathroom walls for a more subdued look. Consider using metals that have a “living” finish for the faucets, door and cabinet knobs. Living finishes change over time to reflect their use and wear, which adds authenticity to the bathroom.


Consider making the bathroom sink a focal point in the design of the room. Many Tuscan bathrooms make use of vessel sinks made of natural stone, metal or clay. Place a vessel sink on a rustic-style vanity, wrought iron pedestal or in a wall-hung bracket and use it to set the tone of the rest of the room. Use the tone and color of the sink as your starting color palette, using lighter and darker shades of the same color. Include a deep soaking tub in your bathroom if you have the space, or else create an over-sized shower stall using rustic, textured tiles on the floor and wall to create the sensation you are outdoors.


Complete your Tuscan bathroom with accents and accessories. Install lights that use wrought iron or metal sconces on either side of the mirror or medicine cabinet to help illuminate the space. Use the same metal to anchor candle sconces on an opposite wall to help create mood. Place natural-fiber throw rugs in a contrasting accent color in front of the tub, shower and vanity to create a sense of comfort in the room. Hang wall shelves for stacking towels and displaying small pieces of pottery on the wall behind the toilet. Hang an ornately framed mirror above the sink to add some detail to the area.

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