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Decorating ideas for family room | Interior Design Ideas

Piece that appeared not domiciled in the last century, the family room is now an indispensable part where the space will be allowed. Practical and sophisticated at the same time, it is not far from the shelter as a television. Here are to give you decorating ideas 5 examples of family room. Not confined to the basement, family room can be for more than used only watching TV. Bar or game room, a place to relax and read a book or play a friendly game of cards, must adapt this piece several needs. To unify these different activities under one theme with a color palette of the single furniture. Also, add an emphasis on the wall like wallpaper. Source: Inspire my house pretty idées déco - Decorating ideas for family room For sleek decor, opt for a symmetrical arrangement of the furniture, to create a balance in the room. Use the TV as the center of attention, but you add a mirror to vibrate against the big black rectangle in the background. Source: Distinctive Interiors Salle familiale - Decorating ideas for family room

For a casual look and warm, warm color palette of natural shades of cream and linen. Add heavy curtains on the windows and wrap for softness. Source: House of Turquoise Salon - Decorating ideas for family room The ultimate luxury in fact couch to watch TV, reorganizes them on the big section in a rectangle cozy and inviting, ideal for the whole family. Source: Wanelo Decorating ideas for family room To prevent the TV in the center of the room, while you are the memory, you should consider getting a wall unit with the electronics and other devices of modern life. The wooden wall, just to echo the furniture and adds a point of interest in the room. Source: Houzz You may also like …

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