September 26, 2023

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Decorating Ideas for Fun Playrooms and Kids’ Bedrooms

Decorating Ideas for Fun Playrooms and Kids’ Bedrooms

Toile Meets Hoops

Who says you can’t mix 18th-century French design with basketball? In a kids’ space, patterns don’t need to be cutesy cartoon characters, as long as they’re brightly colored and happy.

Pick a Durable Style

Rustic decor is perfect for a playroom. Who cares if the kids crash into the lumber wall with their scooter and scuff it up? They’re only adding to the patina!

Color Upon Color

Most of all a playroom needs to be a happy place. Pile on vibrant colors and create a place to snuggle and lounge. Carpet tiles are also a brilliant choice for playrooms; if one gets stained, swap it with one in a less conspicuous part of the room.

A Mix of Sophistication and Fun

This handsomely paneled library is all decked out for fun. If the party runs late — and if the parents say it’s OK — the teepee and modular seats will accommodate a sleepover.

Secret Hideaway

I Have a Crush on This Bedroom

It’s a very lucky kid that gets to snuggle up with Crush every night and then wake up to the bright and cheery faces of Dory and Nemo.

House in the House

What 4-year-old girl wouldn’t love this sweet window box-laden playhouse? The Dutch door allows for parental supervision and a little privacy for her. (Mr. Ed the horse likes it too.)

Hip Style in Red, White and Blue

A loft bed can be the perfect solution for a small bedroom. This one allows for added hangout space and the swivel chairs are a bonus because all little boys like to twist and spin. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Stations and Storage

Like a preschool, the best way to keep playroom neat and organized is to have a designated place for everything. Set up play stations for different activities like coloring, blocks and imaginary play, and use clearly labeled (pictures instead of words) baskets to store the toys. Design by Melanie Grant

Cinderella’s Castle

The evil stepsisters would be so jealous if they knew Cinderella was crashing in this sweet little bedroom with its castle-inspired details and enchanted forest color palette.

Performance Stage and Entertainment Center

This circus-themed playroom serves triple duty as a home theater, performance stage and rumpus room. See what’s on the other side of this room in the next slide.

Seating Under the Big Top

The variety of seating options can be used when the family is having movie night or if the parents are watching the kids put on a performance. See previous slide to catch a glimpse of the stage.

Bring the Outdoors In

This designer made the most of a large column in the center of the room by turning it into a “tree.” A swing hangs from the tree’s canopy and a woodsy wall mural keeps the tree company. Design by Leire Sol Garcia de Asch

Boys and Their Cars

The great thing about a transportation theme is that you can completely customize it depending on the time period, color and type of vehicle. For example, you can do Italian racecars from the 1960s, vintage fire trucks from the 1920s or, when the boys get a little older, hot muscle cars. Design by Susie Fougerousse

Row, Row, Row Your Bed …

A custom-built bed is the focal point in this underwater-adventure bedroom. The theme isn’t too cutesy so it can take a young boy into teen-hood. See the other side of this room in the next slide.

Deep Blue Sea Desk

Oceanography homework should be a breeze in this underwater-themed room. See previous slide to catch a glimpse of the shipwreck bed.

Space Out the Siblings

If your kids have to share a room, designate a personal space for each child. The shelving units around each of these beds provide a little buffer space, and an opportunity for each child to display their favorite things. Design by B. Pila Design Studios

Easy Storage Solutions

Hung at just the right height for little ones, these inexpensive flat-panel cabinets were painted periwinkle on the inside and chalk-friendly black on the outside. Pink plastic tubs can be slid under the cabinets for quick clean-up. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Well-Thought-Out Space Planning

Not one ounce of space is wasted in this fun bedroom. The space under the beds is occupied by built-in storage and a cozy fort-like hangout. Even the steps up to the bed serve double duty as a bookshelf. Design by Erica Islas

Hideaway Loft

Some days it is critical to have an escape loft to get away from your tormenting older sibling. This beautifully designed room makes that a welcoming possibility, even when you do get along.

Royal Digs

Made for a future king or queen, this fantasy-come-true bedroom comes equipped with a suit of armor, castle walls, an indoor slide and a private bed chamber.

Time to Hit the Hay

No straw mattress or cow smells in this cozy barn, just the feeling of a safe and warm bed.

Smart Space Planning

This twin room makes the most of a fairly small space. Placing the beds perpendicular, one above the other, takes up less space than arranging them side by side. The upper berth also makes the most of the cathedral ceiling.

Box Out

If you’re going to get an arcade game, why not get a floor to match? Not only are these rubber floor mats colorful and well thought out, they are ideal for a playroom because they are soft and warm on the feet, and they will acoustically buffer the sound of kids bouncing basketballs in the house.

Performance Corner

You don’t need a lot of room to put on a show. Just designate a corner, add a platform on the floor and hang a cornice box and curtains from the ceiling. Get some costumes and you’re sure to be entertained. Design by Amy Bubier

Worldly Walls

Wall murals don’t have to be a literal interpretation. Here familiar shapes are formed with unfamiliar patterns and textures. Design by Emerson Grey

Library Tree

Who says books don’t grow on trees? This story-time corner cleverly uses vertical space to display toys and boys. Design by Susie Fougerousse

Undersea Adventure

The perpendicular, multilevel placement of the beds allows for a lot of storage and opens up floor space for playing. The walls of sea grass provide a little extra privacy and a bunch of personality.

Fairy Princess Garden

An oak tree sprouts out of the corner taking the wall mural from 2-D to 3-D. Beanbags, cushions and plush carpet give this magic forest setting a soft terrain. Design by Sherri Blum

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