Start Here: Background Reading

  • Multi-process Architecture: Describes the high-level architecture of Chromium

    Note: Most of the rest of the design documents assume familiarity with the concepts explained in this document.
  • How Blink works is a high-level overview of Blink architecture.
  • The “Life of a Pixel” talk (slides / video) is an introduction to Chromium’s rendering pipeline, tracing the steps from web content to displayed pixels.
  • [somewhat outdated] How Chromium Displays Web Pages: Bottom-to-top overview of how WebKit is embedded in Chromium

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General Architecture

Also see the documentation for


, which is the JavaScript engine used within Chromium.

UI Framework

  • UI Development Practices: Best practices for UI development inside and outside of Chrome’s content areas.
  • Views framework: Our UI layout layer used on Windows/Chrome OS.
  • views Windowing system: How to build dialog boxes and other windowed UI using views.
  • Aura: Chrome’s next generation hardware accelerated UI framework, and the new ChromeOS window manager built using it.
  • NativeControls: using platform-native widgets in views.
  • Focus and Activation with Views and Aura.





See also the documentation for 

GYP, which is the build script generation tool.




  • Android
  • Chrome OS
  • Mac OS X
  • iOS


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