August 8, 2022


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Design ERA – Software Suite for the Apparel decoration


Stitch ERA Liberty

This product is a complete software package for the embroidery
designs creation & management
. It contains all the tools required for design
storage, format conversion, print options, stitch & machine commands editing, advanced
stitch editing (including expanded to condensed feature and stitch effects), fast
lettering (including both pre-digitized fonts and true type font compatibility)
with letters editing and custom layouts, monogramming, auto-digitizing from raster
graphics and vector files and standard digitizing with automated or manual capture
modes and a lot of system stitch styles with full object editing capabilities.


The User Interface follows the new Microsoft Office style with application button,
context ribbon bars & other amazing resources. It brings the added benefit of requiring
less training as the available tools are perfectly organized and there is a very
smooth integration between tasks.


rhinestone, rhinestuds, nailheads


for motif machines

This is a first class product for the rhinestone designs
creation & editing
. It contains all the necessary tools to digitize designs
with rhinestone, rhinestuds & nailheads. Starting from raster graphics, vector files,
or just creating designs on the fly.

Among other digitizing tools, this program includes an advanced lettering system
with pre-digitized fonts and it is also compatible with true type fonts. It has
an amazing User Interface similar to the new Microsoft Office style with application
button and context ribbon bars. The design process is very fast and easy, simulation
using the realistic components from our huge library is great, and designs can be
edited and personalized at any moment.



Designs can be exported to different motif machines. Please check the compatibility
list before purchasing this product (if your machine is not in that list, we will
try to develop the required driver).


HOTFIX ERA STONE for stencil making

This amazing system is a stone (rhinestone, rhinestud, nailhead) specific software
for the design creation, with output to different laser and vinyl cutters in order
to produce design stencils or templates. Starting from any artwork captured by scanner,
from third parties applications or from artwork files; this program is the fastest
tool to convert those images into stone designs. It includes several input methods
and fill styles, and it also offers a complete lettering system. While your work
is in process, an incredible design simulation displays a realistic sample of your
designs. Digitizing takes only a few minutes and result is amazing! When the design
is ready, it is only necessary to export it to the corresponding file format or
output device.

Designs can be exported to different cutting equipment. Please check the compatibility
list before purchasing this product (if your cutting equipment is not in that list,
we will try to develop the required driver).


sequin & spangles


for motif machines

Did you buy a new Sequin Motif Machine? Thats fantastic! Now take more advantage
of that machine through this powerful sequin design

Make your machine more productive yet, creating complex designs with easy in no
time. This product has all the required tools to create sequin designs. Digitizing
process may start from scanner or graphic files. A vectorizer is also included,
as this software works fine with raster images and even better with vector files.
Images can be quickly converted to intricate sequin designs. Designs can be exported
to different sequin motif machines. Please check the compatibility list before purchasing
this product (if your machine is not in that list, we will try to develop the required




If you own an embroidery machine with sequin device, STITCH ERA LIBERTY offers an
extra plug-in to produce embroidery designs with sequins.
During the same creation process the users may merge stitches and sequin. Sequin
plug-in includes several fill styles, and it works similar to any embroidery object.
Then the same input methods can be used and full object editing is also available.

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