September 30, 2023

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Design Fireplace which Fits Perfectly within a High-End Stylish Interior

Design Fireplace which Fits Perfectly within a High-End Stylish Interior


AFIRE Stylish fireplace, to innovate you must surprise !

How to reinvent a design fireplace with the luxury of the customization? The fire is no longer used by designers, architects or interior decorators. They are considered as too dangerous and with too many constraints. For creators the chimney flue is a very big issue. The installation of a pipe often makes the creation of an open-fire impossible or complicated, especially in urban areas.
In addition, the user too must undertake a multitude of duties which, very often, can be very off-putting in the decision to have a fire.

Fireplace designs: inventing the universe of the fire is a designer’s business

With the arrival of the new embedded constraint-free and flueless inserts, creators can discover infinite possibilities of concepts with fire. The stylish fireplace is no longer just an object of decoration, a vestige of the past but instead a functional design fireplace with remote control and electronic security systems that will take on new forms to merge, to sublimate or to be the essential element of a living area. Esthetics, creativity and freedom are the prerogatives of this modern, modular luxury fireplace which are naturally created by designers, interior decorators and architects.


“The design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, science, and culture.”
Jeff Smith

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