January 20, 2021


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design inc.

Want to know what the world of interior design is really like? Tune in to design inc., the show that takes you through the real elements of the interior design process – from the trials to the tribulations, to the triumphs.

Whether it’s a décor overhaul or a home renovation project, design inc. brings you the realistic story from beginning to end. It’s hip, it’s happening, and it’s high-energy! Experience the inner workings of a busy interior design firm as Sarah Richardson and her collaborative team of young, astute designers solve problems and implement smart, customized solutions for their clients. The result: uniquely stylish spaces that inspire.

A knock on the door introduces design inc. host Sarah Richardson to the client for the first time ever. This initial meeting forms the foundation for the inspired ideas that launch a real interior design project, shaped around the client’s objectives and personal style.

From their clean, cool workspace “the design inc. loft” Sarah and her team quickly begin interpreting their clients’ wishes, using creativity, know-how and well-honed design skills. Then, they bring together a top-notch contractor and crew, and a multitude of professionals and suppliers to help make it all happen. It’s fast-paced and fun, as the design inc. team creates results with high impact.

Design inc. dispels the myths of the interior design process “it can’t always be done in three days flat” inviting the audience to follow an “as-it-happens” experience with a realistic approach to any and every challenge. What does that mean for the design inc. viewer? Sarah and her team share invaluable insight and knowledge to aid and inspire every viewer, especially those ready to embark on their own exciting home projects. Whether it’s a decorative makeover or a back-to-the-rafters gut job, design inc. translates it into a positive and engaging learning experience.

As she leads each project from start to finish, Gemini Award winning host and co-producer Sarah Richardson injects design inc. with her fresh ideas, sharp design sense and infectious energy. With experience gained from running her own highly successful interior design firm for the past eight years, Sarah has the vision, knowledge and contacts to create striking and practical solutions for the gamut of design-related challenges.

The fun, fast-paced and inspiring design inc., is brought to viewers by the award-winning producer of the popular Room Service and Savoir Faire: Primevista Television of Toronto, Canada.

Sarah Richardson, the young, savvy, Gemini Award-winning host, co-producer and
co-creator of design inc., is passionate about style, design and the arts. Sarah
started her TV career in lifestyle television as a prop stylist and set decorator in
1995, and went on to co-create and host Room Service-a top-rated design show
on HGTV Canada.

design inc., is a “shoot-from-the-hip” show, exposing Sarah’s real and raw
experiences working with clients of her busy interior design firm. Sarah and her
team of young, chic designers solve problems and implement smart, customized
solutions for their clients. The cameras follow Sarah all day, every day – pulling back the curtain on the interior design process for those who want to know what
really happens. It’s the trials, the tribulations, and the triumphs in the “life of design”.
It’s all high stakes, high style, happening in real time. Unscripted.

For close to a decade, Sarah has also run her own successful design firm, Sarah
Richardson Design
. The firm focuses on both residential and commercial projects.
Sarah places great emphasis on thoughtfully tailoring all of her work to meet her
clients’ personal style and tastes. She combines creativity and well-honed skill to
create distinctively clean, crisp looks with timeless appeal.

Building on her design success, and drawing from the popularity of her signature
style, Sarah also designs her own line of upholstered furniture. The furniture line
showcases Sarah’s keen appreciation for marrying classic design with function,
quality, fine craftsmanship and modern style.

Sarah’s work is featured frequently in design publications in Canada and the United
Kingdom and she was the youngest designer to be named one of Canada’s
foremost “stylemakers” by Canadian House and Home magazine. She makes
regular cross-Canada appearances to share her design knowledge and ideas, and
has extensive involvement with major Canadian charities.

Michael Prini is the Gemini Award-winning executive producer, co-producer and co-
creator of design inc. and is president of Primevista Television Inc. of Toronto. Michael is well-known and respected in the Canadian television industry as co- creator, executive producer and producer of the award winning Room Service and
Savoir Faire. He also acts as consultant to other television productions.

Michael’s approach to signature, leading edge television evolved from producing
with Canada’s major broadcast networks. He has a sixth sense for bringing
together talented and dedicated teams for any project. In addition to creative,
Michael’s specialties include production and market strategy, financing, distribution,
legal and governmental affairs. He is also well versed in Internet, radio, publishing
and product merchandising.

With Michael’s unwavering commitment, each production enjoys enormous success
with viewers in Canada and around the world. They are appointment television in
such diverse markets as: the USA, Mexico, Central and South America, Australia,
New Zealand and the Far East. Michael and Primevista Television create solid,
innovative and accessible programming that exceeds expectations in every market!

For more information please visit www.primevista.com.

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