September 27, 2023

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Design – MediaWiki

Design – MediaWiki


Statement of Purpose

Design at Wikimedia Foundation makes sharing of all human knowledge easy and joyful. For everyone.

The Foundation Product Design team’s goal is to ensure that Wikimedia products and communications follow a design process centered on the user. Based on research to understand people’s needs and motivations, we explore solutions that meet those needs.

We design in the open with a transparent and participatory process. We collaborate within the Wikimedia Foundation and with the global community of contributors. We create well-designed solutions, together.

Read more about the background for this statement of purpose.

Product Design & Strategy

The product design and design strategy team has over 100 years of combined user experience design and research, engineering, information architecture, HCI, visual design, and usability experience.

Product Design

Design Strategy


How to get involved and work with us

We welcome help in many ways, but we have limited time and have priorities based on the Foundation’s roadmap to focus on. We want to make sure we foster an environment where community designers can contribute to the projects as well as developers.

A few ways to help out by volunteering your time:

Reach out or stay up-to-date:

Internal process

Design resources

Our resources for majority of our work are public and in open source projects. Have a look at the Wikimedia Design Style Guide (on Github) and its Resources section.
When designing with us bear in mind our Design best practices.

All our graphics assets are licensed under open licenses (but note that many of the logos are trademarked). All our user interface development is public in open source projects.

Archived, obsolete resources

For historical context:

Design Fellow Alumni

Source Article