December 2, 2023

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Designing On A Budget, Interior Decorating Ideas Cheap!

Designing On A Budget, Interior Decorating Ideas Cheap!

Top 10 Ideas for Budget Decorating:
1. Re-use existing items
2. Paint, Paint, Paint!
3. Make your own Artwork

4. Clean & Organize, and Keep it Neat
5. Dress your windows
6. Try new and exciting places to shop
7. Add plenty of proper lighting
8. Don’t buy everything you see
9. Have a Plan
10. Have Fun

Designing On A Budget, Interior Decorating Ideas Cheap!Designing
on a Budget
how to decorate and design on a dime!  This budget
interior decorating book will show you how to decorate cheap,
for a fraction of retail prices! Includes
everything you need to start your budget design project right away!

Includes Project
Planning Worksheet & Budgeting Worksheets!

PC E-Book Mega-Pack
Instant Download: $19.99
sale now for $16.99!

These Free with E-books with Purchase:

Home Personal Organizer Forms

Kitchen Decorating on a Budget

Secrets on How to Sell Your Home Fast

or Major Credit Card)

Paperback Book

Kindle E-Book for Kindle, Android and iPhone

Interior Designer reveals secrets that will show you how to save
thousands of dollars on home décor, and how to
create great
looking spaces on a

how to decorateDesigning on a
Budget was created just for people like you, regular
people who don’t want to pay for a
designer, and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on
high-priced furniture and accessories.

You can start creating
designer rooms for a fraction of retail costs RIGHT NOW! Learn insider
secrets to getting the best deals on quality furniture, and more!

Have you ever…

  • Purchased
    furniture that you thought was perfect, only to get it home and find
    out that it is totally wrong?
  • Purchased artwork, pillows,
    curtains, area rugs, etc.
    thinking they would
    coordinate beautifully in your room, but then you get them home and
    (you don’t know why), but you really don’t like them?
  • Had trouble finding things
    that fit your personal style and
    will match your decor?
  • Started a cycle of “buy
    & return” with accessories
    because you can’t
    find the perfect item and everything you buy doesn’t look quite right?
  • Felt guilty because you know
    that you over-spent on
    decorative items for your home?
  • Put off decorating your home
    for so long that your friends
    & family
    begin wonder why you haven’t decorated yet?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then
this book is
you!  This book is a valuable guide to budget
and will guide you through lots of ways to save money and still get the
professional look you desire.

“As an Interior
myself, I understand that not everyone is
to pay designer fees and purchase expensive, designer-name brand
furniture and accessories. This is why I created this guide to
decorating on a budget! For the regular home décor
enthusiast, who
wants a great looking home, but can’t afford to spend the
money on an interior designer or expensive furniture.Designing On A Budget, Interior Decorating Ideas Cheap!

I started out just like most people, just trying to make my home look
nice without spending a
fortune. Well, I used my design expertise, combined with my talent for
bargain shopping to create a home that I absolutely
love. And Now I am Going To Share These Secrets With You! Interior
Design on
A Budget Contains all the information you need to
start making your home design dreams a reality! Some of the information
included in this 77 page Book Include:

  • Defining Your Style: How to
    determine what styles you
    love, so that you won’t make regretful purchases and waste
    time and money
  • Determining Your Budget (And
    How to Stick With It!)
  • How to Work With What You
    Already Have: Secrets of
    re-decorating and re-furbishing existing furniture and accessories to
    create great new looks.
  • Where to Shop To Find
    Bargain Designer Furniture and Great
    Deals: I show you
    how to find everything from antiques and unique objects, to brand new
    furniture at great prices!
  • What to Splurge on and What
    to Save on: Great tips on
    learning what is really
    a deal, and
    what is not.

And Much, Much More!

Designers charge anywhere from $75-$150 per hour for consultations. The
information in this budget decorating book is worth several
of design help!  What would “Designing on A Budget” be worth,
if it could save you Hundreds and even Thousands of Dollars on
designing and
decorating your home? We are offering this money-saving information at
just a fraction of what a design consultation would cost!

on a
also includes these valuable worksheets to help you organize your

1. Project Planning Worksheet:

useful worksheet will
guide you through your budget design project and keep you on track with
your design and your spending.
This budgeting
guide is a very useful tool in
keeping all of your purchases organized and on track with your budget.
Floor Plan

To help you create
and plan your room layouts,
saving you time and money

Instant Download: $19.99
sale now for $16.99!

These Free with E-books with Purchase:

Home Personal Organizer Forms

Kitchen Decorating on a Budget

Secrets on How to Sell Your Home Fast

to Order Designing on a Budget Ebook Package

or Major Credit Card)

No-Risk Purchase (60 Day
Money Back Guarantee)

*Please Note: This is an Electronic Book (Not A Paper Book)
that you download immediately, and open using Adobe Reader (Click
For a Free Download)
 You may then read it and
print it as well as the bonus forms
at your leisure.

Paperback Book

Kindle E-Book for Kindle, Android and iPhone

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