December 5, 2023

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DOL’s Room Design Guide and Decorating Resources

DOL’s Room Design Guide and Decorating Resources

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DOL’s Room Design Guide and Decorating ResourcesCreate a Healthier Spring With Feng Shui
by Yvonne PhillipsYvonne Phillips:
Yvonne Phillips is a National Feng Shui Practitioner, Author and Speakerwith over 18 years of experience. Yvonne is certified with Feng ShuiInstitute International and has trained with world famous Feng ShuiMaster Lillian Too. As owner of Creative Color & Design, sheincorporates Feng Shui principles into both residences and businesses,from small businesses to large corporations.

For many, spring is allergy season, presenting a situation of wanting to be outdoors, but suffering for it. Spring is all about positive energy, but with pollen, cut grass and ragweed, what can we possibly do to keep the allergies away?
Top 7 Decorating Mistakes Top 7 Decorating Mistakes
by Cheryl Sandella
Decorating should reflect our taste and style, and it is a very personal thing. When you have a plan and budget you’re going to make better decisions and purchases. However there are a few decorating blunders that should be avoided.
Your Guide for Creating and Decorating Your Home Office Your Guide for Creating and Decorating Your Home Office
by Tameka Norris
Create a small home office that is professional, and includes elements that are unique to your personality and style in home furnishings. Your work zone can be enhance productivity, while also expressing your unique style and personality.
Spicing Up Your Winter Decor Spicing Up Your Winter Decor
by Paola McDonald, CID
Winter time is the slow season in the world of interior decorating and design. However, you will be sure to beat the winter blues with these creative ideas for spicing up your winter home decor.
Decorate Your Home With Earthen Wares Decorate Your Home With Earthen Wares
by Swati Nitin Gupta
Earthen ware like ceramics, terracotta, blue pottery, and more, provides different shapes, colours and sizes that will add colour to your homes interiors as well as its exteriors. Try these ideas and you’ll be proud of the look and feel of your home.

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It has never been easier to plan, layout and design your room or home online. Simply make use of the services we provide and you will very quickly be on your way to experiencing true online design of your room or home.

Take control of your room and home design by downloading home design software in minutes and create your own room designs. In no time at all you could see how an idea will truly look, before you spend a single dollar on material and labor. You will save so much while gaining true insight of how to best design and layout your room or home.

Nothing helps with home and room design more than taking an in-depth approach to understanding the true concepts behind home and garden design. If you truly wish to perform your own designs and perform your own interior decorating or professional landscaping, take a look at this selection of preferred books and tools that have been specially selected to speed you on your way.

Get help with your new room layout. Get direct design services from pros who have years of practical experience with home and garden design. Your next room design can be guided by a professional designer. You’ll benefit from their services by taking advantage of their expertise and insight.

Room Design Floor Plans and Templates

There’s no need to create floor plans from scratch. Use floor plan wizards for your kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms or load pre-designed layouts of existing rooms that already include interior design solutions.


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