December 5, 2023

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Elevate Your Interior Spaces With Design Tips From Sustainable Decor Brand, Pom Pom at Home

Elevate Your Interior Spaces With Design Tips From Sustainable Decor Brand, Pom Pom at Home

Cozy nights at home have taken on new meaning with the pandemic. Now that summer is coming to an end and life indoors will become the norm, what better time to invest in décor that will elevate your space and have you loving it even more? 

Enter Pom Pom at Home, a super chic, family-owned, sustainable home décor brand known for their ‘lived-in elegance’ aesthetic. 

“When we started, a textile brand with this ‘lived-in’ elegant look wasn’t readily available, so I had to create it myself.  Most other textile companies at the time were very formal,” CEO and Creative Director, Hilde Leiaghat tells me. “Whereas, we curate the designs for our brand with a sense of calm and comfort in mind. Everything has to FEEL good. The touch and hand feel are truly what sell our products.”

Pom Pom at Home grew out of LA-based retail furniture and accessories store, Pom Pom Interiors, where Leiaghat was importing antiques and vintage textiles from Europe. 

“At our retail stores, there was a constant demand for vintage linens.  I saw this gap in the market and the growing need and seized the opportunity in launching my own line,” explains Leiaghat. From the start, Pom Pom at Home has focused on textiles that have a ‘vintage feel’ at an accessible price point.  “Linen fibers lend themselves best to this look and growing up in Belgium where linen is a very common fiber and part of our heritage, it felt natural for me to start this way. As a result, Pom Pom at Home was created in the fall of 2007.”

Derived from the flax plant, linen requires significantly less fertilizer and water than other plants used for fibers and lasts longer than other textiles due to its durability. In addition to linen, Pom Pom at Home offers alternative fibers to gives customers a range of product looks and feels. 

“We are known for our hand-loomed products made with high-quality, sustainably sourced materials but with unique attention to detail. We offer more than just bedding, our line includes everything from beautiful duvets, to decorative pillows, throws, tabletop linens and even rugs,” says Leiaghat.  “All of our collections use an underlying soothing color palette that allows the customer to combine other pieces to create their desired look.”

“Although linen continues to be our main focus and what we are known for, throughout the years we have expanded our brand by adding other fibers such as cotton, bamboo, recycled fibers and more. In doing so, we are able to curate a variety of products, such as silky sheets, hand loomed linens and textured throws,” continues Leiaghat. 

The brand works with manufactures around the globe including Portugal, India, China, and the United States—all with the focus on delivering the highest quality products at the most competitive price. 

“I pride myself on my relationship with each of our manufacturers and have personally visited each of our factories to ensure product control and fair-trade practices,” states Leiaghat. “Unfortunately, now with COVID-19 my travels have been put on hold, but our long-time relationships with these factories, ensures our production continues normally.”

Leiaghat’s inspiration comes from her surroundings, travel, fashion, and nature. “Although we are California-based and known for our subtle color palettes, each of our pieces lends itself to be used in any type of home, whether it’s a romantic house in California or modern loft in New York,” she tells me. “We believe this attraction to the brand and textiles stems from our initial inspiration with consumers looking for both elegance and comfort.”

In the beginning, Pom Pom at Home started strictly as a business-to-business based brand on the traditional trade show circuit. The brand is currently in over 1200 independently owned and in many instances family-owned small businesses. Pom Pom at Home can also be found at e-commerce partners like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Perigold, and Lulu and Georgia—as well as many others.

“We constantly cultivate these relationships as they are so important to us,” states Leiaghat. After closing the Pom Pom Interiors stores in 2014, the Leiaghat family took the leap to direct-to-consumer. “Our website gives us the opportunity to display our lifestyle through curated photography, our blog, and product knowledge. There, we can not only reach consumers directly but aid our brick and mortar partners with the imagery and sales tools to ensure their success.” 

Relationships are important not only with the brand’s partners but most of Leiaghat’s family that are located here stateside are involved in the business. Although, Leiaghat goes on to tell me that everyone at headquarters and beyond is treated like family.

“I only have two children and most of our family is back overseas so we tend to be a very close-knit group,” shares Leiaghat. “My husband and I are the creative backbone of the company. My brother-in-law manages all warehouse operations. My son, Sam Leiaghat, our COO, helped me found the company and he is able to constantly modernize all of our operations and make sure that our digital marketing is as effective as possible. My other son, Michael Leiaghat, is our CFO and is able to bring his business background to streamline our company financials, operations, and HR.”

The pandemic has given Pom Pom at Home’s business an uptick both with its direct-to-consumer and e-commerce partners across all categories of the brand. 

“With everyone spending time in their homes, their spaces are becoming more multi-use than ever. For many, it’s the first time they are working remotely, or having their child attend school from home, the list goes on,” states Leiaghat. “Therefore, there are many changes happening within the home and interiors to account for this shift. Our brand appeals to those looking to bring in that calm aesthetic but with comfort and functionality that lends itself to these changes.”

Internal operations also changed to include policies for social distancing, cloud-based software that allows for remote working and efficient workflows. “Overall, COVID-19 made us reassess the benefits of being a family business and the incredible team that we have who are determined, steadfast, loyal and like family to us,” Leiaghat tells me. “We have also invested in video production in order to keep current with our digital marketing and provide fun and informative videos throughout the remainder of the year.”

While many things have changed as a result of the pandemic, it hasn’t stopped the company at looking towards the future positively. “With COVID-19, not being able to visit our factories and therefore not viewing our samples at an expedited rate has been a challenge,” shares Leiaghat. “But that is not stopping us for 2021.  We are planning on expanding in many different categories, from indoor/outdoor rugs, bedding, handwoven decorative pillows, and throws.”

I wanted to know what kind of design tips Leiaghat would share so that anyone can achieve an elegance in our homes that is comfortable and stylish? She provided the following suggestions:

·      Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns and textures.  All our products at Pom Pom at Home are designed to work together. Put a hand-woven throw with tasseled pillow on your sofa and you will quickly see how well these textures tie the room together.

·      Wrinkles are ok. Don’t stress about it. Just make sure it is always a quality product you are using. A linen duvet cover is supposed to have that relaxed feeling.

·      Add some color contrast. Add a terra cotta or amber colored body pillow to your neutral bed to quickly brighten the room.

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