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Enhancing Powder Rooms With Orange County Interior Designer Samia Verbist

Enhancing Powder Rooms With Orange County Interior Designer Samia Verbist

black and white powder room idea

A contrast between black and white can make a powder room stand out

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French interior designer Samia Verbist helps homeowners transform their homes and offices

French Interior Designer Samia Verbist takes on oft-overlooked home interiors with a new entry into her informative blog.

I love taking a room and completely transforming it…Whenever I make an interior design project come together, especially an ambitious one, it just reinforces everything I love about my profession.”

— Samia Verbist

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / — Orange County interior designer Samia Verbist, never one to leave stones unturned, doubles down by emphasizing the enormous potential of powder rooms in a home.

In a new blog post on her website, ‘Powder Room Ideas That Wow,’ Samia Verbist quickly puts to rest any misconception that a powder room is merely a smaller bathroom to rest.

“A powder room might seem like a small, utilitarian space, but I see it as an opportunity to get creative. And to dive deeper into a home’s personality. In fact, I get excited when a project includes a powder room.

And when Verbist gets passionate about a home interior design or renovation in Orange County, she can make impressive things happen. She encourages homeowners to not only focus on powder rooms but not be afraid to be adventurous in their design projects.

“There are powder room ideas one can incorporate in a small space that [homeowners] would not – maybe would not dare – use in other areas.”

And in her post, Samia Verbist quickly illustrates a signature boldness that encapsulates most of her iconic work in Orange County luxury homes.

The Power Of Powder Rooms

As a powder room is one of the most-visited rooms in a home, it stands to reason that it should look great.

Instead of being creatively conservative with this well-tread space, she encourages homeowners to use the powder room as a chance to rev up the look of a home.

She gives an example of how something as simple as a contrast between black millwork and white wallpaper can create a powerful interior design statement.

Walk On The Wildside With Wallpaper

With previous successful instances of interior design in Orange County, Verbist is a massive advocate for wallpapering a space. In her signature, friendly tone of an experienced artist, Verbist puts forth various suggestions for different wallpapers and their effect on a room.

“Bold patterns, florals, and chinoiseries are ideal options for powder room wallpaper and make ambitious powder room ideas come to life. [Homeowners] can be more creative with choices because it won’t be surrounding many square feet with an overwhelming design.”

Nothing is ever black and white with Verbist; indeed, she’s an Orange County interior designer that relishes having options and opening up new possibilities.

“The wallpaper might be installed on all four walls, just on one accent wall. Or one could even put it above wainscoting or a chair rail. Going dark with gold fixtures and brass accents offers another intense-looking style.”

Powder Room Budget

Although Samia Verbist is ambitious in the size and scope of her interior design services, she’s quick to warn designers that budget is paramount, even with small spaces like powder rooms.

But she offers encouraging advice to homeowners looking to spruce up their powder rooms on a budget:

“In any project, even in a small space, keeping an eye on the cost is necessary. But upgrading materials and finishes won’t lead to a massive uptick in overall cost in a powder room because the space is small. So one does not need a lot of anything.”

Luxury Orange County home or not, any interior design can quickly creep up past its established budget. But as Verbist states, everything is on a smaller scale.

Who Is Samia Verbist?

Originally from Normandy, France, Samia Verbist has always been involved in artistic endeavors. Coming from a family of artists and art appreciators, Verbist wasn’t satisfied with her sales job at a pharmaceutical company in France.

She knew something had to change, so she received her interior design certification and got to work right away. She cut her teeth on designing French offices and homes, but it all changed in 2016 when she launched her company and began working diligently in the Bay Area.

She eventually made her way to Huntington Beach, California, and has been crafting stunning rooms and performing ambitious renovations and transformations. She has even participated in the ‘One Room Challenge,’ in which she and her team pour effort and resources into completely transforming one room over the course of two months. Enthusiastically chronicled in her blog. The ORC is one of her favorite consistent projects.

“I love taking one room and completely transforming it into something different. Whenever I make an interior design project come together, especially an ambitious one, it just reinforces everything I love about my profession.”

Start Designing Something New With Samia

Samia Verbist offers multiple interior design services for homeowners and businesses. Whether it’s boosting the boldness of a powder room or modifying the look and feel of an Orange County chiropractor’s office, there’s something for everyone where Samia is involved.

There are 2D and 3D renderings, which allow clients to see how one of Samia’s iconic designs would look in a space. Likewise, there are in-home consultation services that aim to offer DIY-ers the advice that they’re seeking. These in-home consultations have many benefits, like a painstakingly detailed list of recommendations, furniture layouts, paint colors, decorations, and more.

Overall, working with Samia Verbist guarantees a stunning, memorable space.

More About Samia Verbist Interior Design LLC

Originally from Normandy, France, Samia Verbist always had an eye for the aesthetically pleasing. Using her finely-tuned artistic skills, Samia created her company in 2016 and delivered projects in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Huntington Beach.

To learn more about Samia Verbist Interior Design LLC and more interior design tips, visit her website at

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