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Exterior colour design – NCS

Exterior colour design – NCS

Product Description

Exterior Colour Design is a 2-day course from which you will gain knowledge about the exterior colour design principles, how colour change in an exterior environment and why that is. During this course you will learn to master the different design principles and practice them while doing your own customised exterior colour design project. Starting with colour perception and how it changes based on colour and material – and how they interact. In the course you will also learn how colours change when outdoors and how to combine colours on a house while taking windows, roof, base and downpipes in consideration.

During day two you will be able to apply your gained knowledge to a customised exterior colour design project. Get professional feedback from our teacher and the opportunity to discuss your interior colour design with the other course participants.


  • Basic exterior colour design
  • Dimensions of colour, material and light
  • Measuring technique
  • Colour principles in practice
  • Create your own exterior colour design project


  • Learn how to create harmonious colour combinations suitable for villas and apartment buildings
  • Get new inspiration on how to create your own exterior colour design
  • Learn how to handle the complexity of inherent and perceived colour
  • Become confident in taking exterior colour decisions based on surfaces, settings and light
  • Learn how to determine the most appropriate colours for exterior colour design
  • Learn how to measure colour accurately


The course is intended for professionals who, and/or could like to work more with colour design for villas and apartment buildings. Or work as an architect, colour designer or as a professional advising in colours (e.g. paint shop staff) and want to deepen your exterior colour knowledge. We recommend that you have completed the introduction course NCS in Design (course or e-learning) before participating in the Exterior Colour Design course.


The course fee includes lunch, refreshments during breaks, course materials and the book ”Färgen på huset” (The Colour of the House) by Karin Fridell Anter and Åke Svedmyr. A book based on the authors’ many years of research and experience of designing colours for buildings that can give you help and advice on exterior colour choices (value SEK 185). After finishing the course, you will receive a certificate.


  • Duration: 2 days
  • Date: 14-15 October 2020
  • Time: TBA
  • Language: Swedish
  • Location: NCS Colour Academy, Stockholm, Sweden


For further information or group bookings, contact us at [email protected]

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