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Exterior Design Ideas, Trends, Tips & Pictures 2019 / 2020

Exterior Design Ideas, Trends, Tips & Pictures 2019 / 2020

Exterior Design Ideas – Did you know that the home exteriors are the very first thing visitors, neighbors and prospective buyers see, so never underestimate the importance of a first! Create your impressive exterior house design for them. Is an important undertaking to choosing the right exterior design for your home, doesn’t matter you are only want to enhance your home’s aesthetic and ambiance, or simply want to considering an exterior remodel to upgrade your curb appeal and resale value.

Important to remember there are different phases with a home exterior makeover when you are exploring various exterior house design ideas. Interior remodeling is not much different than exterior remodeling because both projects require careful consideration of all the components involved.

Determine what kind of exterior design ideas you are drawn to and browse exterior photos (if you’re starting from scratch), and which ones would be suitable with your current space. Once that’s decided, don’t forget to consider colors and materials. Your personal taste, your overall home and neighborhood style as well as resale ability should also be taken into consideration

You can then move on to researching exterior decorating ideas (when this phase is complete), and then save your favorite exterior pictures to your computer and take notes on what would potentially work for your space and what kind of decorations you like. To always guarantees a personalized, lived-in look, you can adding some finishing touches to the facade (like exterior shutters), whereas something like exterior lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Home Exterior Design Styles

There are a variety of exterior home design styles to choose from, there is an architectural style that will work for you — whether you’re a trendsetter, minimalist or traditionalist. Consider a Craftsman home, Cape Cod, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne or Victorian if you like an old-fashioned look. Think about a midcentury design, modern, art deco or Prairie style for sleek, modern exteriors. Go with a tropical style, Southwestern or mediterranean if you want your home to have regional character. Before finalizing your exterior remodeling idea and plans, consider your budget, style, location and current home layout.


Exterior House Colors and Materials

The overall style of the house are often determined by the materials you end up using for your exterior remodel. Stone and metal siding are popular contemporary options for more modern homes, while you’ll notice that exteriors are usually comprised of brick and wood shingles when you perusing exterior ideas for more traditional homes. Vinyl siding is a more affordable option if you’re on a tight budget; while stone is beautiful but will cost quite a bit more if money is not an issue. Be sure they accurately reflect your home’s overall style even though there is some leeway in the materials you use.

There are still several exterior ideas you can put to work if you’re not quite ready for a full-on remodel. Try to pick a neutral primary color, like gray, brown or beige because simple things like changing up the trim and paint colors will make a noticeable impact. Try painting your garage door or front door something bright, such as yellow, blue, green or red if you want to stray from the norm with bright accents.


Home Decor Exterior Design

You’ll look that a few decorative elements spice up your home’s architectural style but too many can make your exterior design look chaotic and cluttered. When you consider various exterior decorating ideas, you can try a unique font or brighter colors for a different look; house numbers are a great way to add personality. Unique exterior lighting, doormats and mailboxes also help enhance your house’s facade, and don’t forget about decorations when the holiday season rolls around! To provide a welcoming look choose hardscaping and plants that will play nicely with the decor because landscaping is also key to a well designed exterior.

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Exterior Home Design Ideas Pictures

Below, we have put together some pictures of home exterior designs that will be the trend in the upcoming 2019 / 2020. Let’s see!


Exterior Design Ideas, Trends, Tips & Pictures 2019 / 2020

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