October 2, 2023

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Your Dream House

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

House interior and exterior

Looking for modern Villa Design? I’m sure you would be interested with this pictures. These are the modern Floating Villa namely “Villa Nackros” designed by Staffan Strindberg from Sweden. This Villa was located in the town of Kalmar on the east coast of Sweden. Designed with Luxurious, modern and contemporary concepts. Perfect for you who like swimming. The “Villa Nackros” have 12×12 metre with six room and a kitchen. This pictures covers all the Interior, exterior, more over the elevation and house plan. Really inspiring interior and exterior design project.

Exterior Design





Exterior Design

Exterior Window Surrounds and Door Surrounds, Ready-To-Install- simply place the precision built surround in place and fasten it. Installation time is reduced to minutes… maintenance is reduced to virtually zero.
Reduce Costs, Increase Value- our prefabricated, ready-to-install assemblies reduce time labor costs. Our cellular PVC construction products make your finished projects’ virtually maintenance free.
Aluminum trim over wood does not guarantee that there won’t be problems with the underlying wood, which is then “hidden”. Our PVC trim products are solid materials backed by a solid guarantee. And because we make custom shaping knives, we can provide virtually any moulding style desired. We can even duplicate antique mouldings of any age to retain any structure’s original design look.




Design House Exterior

Our friend and architect, Chago, built this house for us. This was truly our dream house, and anything we could think of to include, we included. We always admired the high ceilings of the old houses we visited downtown. So Chago asked me, “How high should I make the ceilings?” I replied, “Well, go as high as you think is reasonable, and then go another meter.” We were so pleased with his design, and his construction, that we had this plaque made and installed at the front of the house, as a tribute to our good friend.`





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