June 4, 2023

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Exterior Landscape Design – Fox-Jackson Designs

Exterior Landscape Design – Fox-Jackson Designs

Do it right the first time.

From a foundation planting in Levittown to a rooftop terrace in Manhattan, hiring a professional Landscape Designer could be one of the smartest investment decisions you’ll ever make. As Designers we are educated and qualified in the principles of garden design and horticulture and help our clients avoid the costly mistakes that can turn the dream of an outdoor oasis into a landscape nightmare.

Exterior Landscape Design – Fox-Jackson Designs

We are skilled practitioners of fundamental design concepts—proportion, unity, balance, perspective, color, texture—that can bring about a fully integrated design. We have a comprehensive knowledge of plants so that you get the right plant for the right place. We are skilled communicators and planners who work with contractors, vendors, local governments and others to complete successful projects. We promote sustainable practices whenever possible.

softscape bridge fountain bushes trees
Photo and Installation by Lisena Landscaping

Great landscapes don’t grow on trees, but
start with a thoughtfully designed Master Plan. Your
unique landscape should answer the needs and wants of
your unique family.

A professionally prepared landscape design becomes a very important
tool. It is a tool that allows you to avoid the typical mistakes made in an
unplanned garden—mistakes that can be expensive to correct.

It’s money well spent! Landscaping is a small investment that will reap big
rewards as your properly placed and maintained plant material matures and
increases in value year after year.

softscape bridge fountain bushes trees

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