December 3, 2023

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Family Room Decorating Ideas from the 2019 Parade of Homes

Family Room Decorating Ideas from the 2019 Parade of Homes

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I am so excited to share with you today some of the trending family room decorating ideas that I saw while visiting the 2019 BIA Parade of Homes.  

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Okay, full disclosure regarding these photos.  I only had my iPhone, I couldn’t set up equipment to filter light from the windows and occasionally you will see strangers in my photos.  I basically was point and shoot trying to crop other people out as much as possible as we all walked through the homes.  Therefore some of the photos might be at an odd angle or have blown out windows.  Just keeping it real!

Also, you will see my Mom in a lot of these photos.  She is the lady in a floral top with white hair.  We go to the Parade every year together.  

*This post contains affiliate links.  For more details see my full disclosure.

Family Room Decorating Ideas

A family room with furniture centered around a fireplace with builtins on either side and a TV mounted above.

I don’t know what it is but I love when you have a fireplace with builtins on either side.  You might know this about me but I am a lover of symmetry so this speaks to me on an inner level.  I also love this rug!  You can use a striking patterned rug but just keep your upholstered furniture a solid like they did here.  

A family room with a light colored brick fireplace and TV mounted above.Personally, I love this fireplace.  It think it’s the color of the brick, it seems so on-trend right now.  I believe this is a two-sided fireplace with the other side being on the patio.


My Favorite Family Room Decor

A beautiful family room with a reclaimed red brick fireplace and builtins on either side and a coffered ceiling with reclaimed wood in the middle.

This is my favorite house and my favorite family room.  One, I love the fireplace and the arched details.  I love red brick with white cabinetry.  And as I mentioned before I love the symmetry of the builtins on either side.  

Second, the ceiling! ?? It’s a coffered ceiling but the flat part in between the beams is light-colored wood (mimicking the floors) and it’s done in a neat pattern.  You can see that part a little more clearly in the photos to come.

Not to mention I love this furniture.  Those leather chairs look to be just my size.  I couldn’t sit in them, as you can see we weren’t allowed, but they look like I might actually be able to reach the floor.  #shortpeopleprobs

A view of family room furniture, transitional sofas, leacher chairs and a wooden coffee table on a light colored rug.

A view of family room furniture, transitional sofas, leacher chairs and a wooden coffee table on a light colored rug.

A view of family room furniture, transitional sofas, leacher chairs and a wooden coffee table on a light colored rug.

This photo is from the same house.  Instead of an office, they had a sitting room.  I think this room takes on a very feminine tone, maybe it’s the colors but I just love it.  Grasscloth is something I have always had a thing for and I am seeing it used in these homes in a more modern way by being very colorful.  I saw it in another home in navy.

This room makes me want to invite my friends over and have a glass of wine.

an entertaining space with four club chairs and an ottoman. There are white builtins with a turqoise grass cloth wallpaper.


Themed rooms using Masculine vs. Feminine

There was one builder who had two homes, one was the feminine home and the other was masculine.  This was considered a masculine home.  There are definitely elements of masculinity but I felt that it wasn’t as masculine as it could have been.  Does that make sense?

The chairs are cool, dark and moody and the lamps are masculine too but pinch pleat curtains.  That says feminine to me.  What do you think?

A view of the sitting room with walls of windowns and dark upholstered chairs.

Here is the masculine family room and I love the chandelier but for a masculine room, I would think something wrought iron.  A gold chandelier seems very feminine to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the decor but I think they missed the mark on going masculine.

A family room with dark colored couches, white walls, tons of windowns and a massive square chandelier made of gold.

Here is the feminine house, it was decorated all French Country.  This house is definitely feminine.  I love the chandelier they chose for their family room.

A living room with a two tiered chandelier.

Check out that front door in the background!  I love the front elevation of this home.

A living room with a two tiered chandelier and a stone fireplace.


Modern Family Room

This next home had a very modern feel.  Sorry, the picture is kind of crooked.? 

Lots of white with dark wood and modern accessories.

A family room that is done in lots of white with dark wood accents on the coffee table, mantel and ceilinb beam.


Traditional Family Rooms

This family room is on the smaller side but I think it looks so cozy!  I could totally sit back and stream some Netflix in here.

A family room with beige furniture and white walls.

Behind the cozy family room is a cool gaming area for family fun time!

Behind the family room is a game area with tables for board games and coloring.


Modern Farmhouse Family Rooms

This house had a very farmhouse feel.  It’s hard to tell from the photo but the fireplace is all shiplap painted black.  I love it with the black frame windows and light wood accents.

The family room with black shiplap on the fireplace.

This is an apartment above a garage and was completely done using IKEA furnishings.  Some people love IKEA, some don’t but I loved this space.  As a Mom of a 21 year old who is starting her senior year of college this would have been the perfect space for her this past summer!

Again, sorry it’s a little crooked!  LOL

A floating entertainment area.

Another great cozy family room.  I can see some serious football watching on that huge TV!

A family room with a huge sectional facing an enormous tv.




Unique Family Room Accessories

No this isn’t something from the sea.  At first, I thought it looked like an old fashioned diving suit, then I thought it looked like a porthole.  Either way you think, this is actually a bar!  There is a bit of a reflection so It’s hard to see but the glasses are hanging in the top and there are bottles on shelves.  I see Patron so I am set!

A bar cart that looks like a porthole on a ship.

This is a vignette in the masculine house which I thought was so pretty.

A vignette of candle sticks, a pretty gold fram and white coasters on a black metal table with an antiqued glass top.

This is actually an entryway but could really be family room decor if you wanted.  An accent wall in brick with a black console table and metal accents.  This is also from the masculine house.

The front entryway of the mascuiline house with a black console table and a brick wall.

This is a space you could find in a family room or basement or even a kids room.  I find that these types of spaces get used more when they are in the heart of the home.

Here is a kids desk area with two teal chairs and a sign that says this girl can.

This spoke to me because of the saying.  Those who know me know that I am struggling a little with this right now.  

A sitting area with a tall backed chair and wall art that says do what you love, love waht you do.


If you live in Ohio and would like to check out the BIA Parade of Homes you can go to their webpage and check out what the dates will be for next years Parade.  It truly is one of my favorite things to do every year!  

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I hope you enjoyed catching up on the latest Family Room Decorating Ideas for 2019.  I would love to hear which of these rooms is your favorite!  Please comment below.




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