December 5, 2023

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Family Room Design | Tweens to Teens

Family Room Design | Tweens to Teens

Do you have tweens and teens at home? If so, you know the three keys to a happy teen….food, fun, and sleep, and they like lots of all three! Social activity is an important part of tweens and teens development and as they grow, they gravitate toward more time with friends instead of family. Want to keep them home instead of out with friends? Design a family room with food, fun, and a place to relax.

Still use the 5 design keys listed in Family Room Design Essentials but accommodate for needs of growing bodies that love to have friends around. Here are a few fabulous ideas:

 Family Room Design | Tweens to Teens Comfortable sofas, resilient fabrics, and fewer or smaller tables make this family room teen friendly. Chalkboard walls are not just for little kids either… the artwork unfold and surprise messages be written.

 family room for teens with crafts table and storage pool table and video gamesLots of space? Divide the room into three game zones….board, pool, and video providing enough variety to keep any group busy. Cheerful colors against the dark wood lighten the room.


family room design for teens and tweens with tv room and snack counterSupply soft seating for teens to flop down for movies, video games, or just talking. Add a counter and bar stools for snacking….and they won’t miss a minute of fun.


family room ideas for teens and tweens with mini kitchen for snacks and popcorn machineA stocked mini-kitchen with a place to prepare and serve snacks is heaven for teens! Add a popcorn machine and see whose family room is the most popular hangout.


crafts activity table for teens and tweens in family roomExtra seating with folding chairs that easily move from one activity to the next are ideal as is a table for gathering to eat, play games, do crafts, or just talk.


family room seating ideas for tweens and teens with beanbag chairs and pillowsHave lots of pillows and beanbags on hand for extra seating or just a place to unwind from a busy day of school, sports, music or other activities.


family room ideas for tweens and teens with pinball machine and stoolsGo retro with a vintage pinball machine and upholstered stools for hours of fun.


family room chairs for teens and tweens family room seating with ball chair for feens and tweens
Comfortable seating is a necessity and the more unusual it is, the better. They will be the most used chairs in the family room.


How have you designed your family room for tweens and teens?


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