December 5, 2023

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Family room | Inside Space Design

Family room | Inside Space Design

Well, it’s been a pretty long break…barely any posts from me……very sorry followers!     Now that the kids are back in school though, I will have some more time to spend on this blog. Hurrah!  UNFORTUNATELY, I am not SO organised that I actually can start to blog right away! Boo!  (My “to do list” is a mile long!)

In the meantime, I thought I would share this Nature Inspired Mood Board that I did for my Interior Design course at NDA (  The brief was to choose an inspiration for the “clients” based on their family, their lifestyle, their needs and their style preference. I chose NATURE! Coming back after spending 2 months at the lake, I thought a nature themed board would be perfectly appropriate!


When making this board, I wanted to choose accessories that emphasised the “nature” themed aspect of the room while at the same time added texture and visual appeal.  The cushions I’ve chosen will be mostly in greens but will consist of several different fabrics and textures.  I specifically wanted to use the Donna Wilson ( owl cushions above.  Not only do the owls reflect the nature theme, they are also appealing to the children in my “client’s family. (plus I have one myself and it is very cute and super soft!)

The faux throw adds comfort and warmth as well as texture and contrast to their smooth leather sofa.  What a great accessory to have when the cold dark winters come upon us…and although it is 30 and sunny now, winter will be sneaking up on us in no time. ?

Many of the accessories in the room will be in the form of wood to play up the natural elements in the room.  I especially LOVE the large vases that look like chips of wood underneath glass.  They are perfect for this space!  Little touches like the cuckoo clock and tree bookends also give the room a natural, outdoorsy feel without going overboard.

Another important aspect for this room would be to add live plants.  This can be in the form of large potted floor plants as well as smaller plants on window ledges and shelves.  This will help bring the outdoors IN!

Finally, a natural sheepskin rug will bring comfort and warmth to their fireplace area.  It not only brings softness underfoot but again, adds a natural element to the space.

As a collection, these accessories will add warmth, texture, character and interest to the “client’s” multi-purpose family room.

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