December 9, 2023

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Feng Shui Living Room-

Feng Shui Living Room-

A good feng shui living room is serene, inviting and a peaceful retreat where you can slip off your shoes and relax. If you have a living room which is too big or too small or an irregular shape it will not allow the energy to flow. A good feng shui living room should not higher than the dining room and is located in the outer half of the home.

Furniture arrangement

Lets start with the biggest piece of furniture, Your Sofas.

Your First priority is to place the main sofa against a solid wall. Otherwise you will have no support in life. The smaller sofas can have a window behind but not the main one!

Secondly, you must make sure you can see the door. If you have a door behind then it will cause you to miss out opportunities in life and get rude surprises. You can place a mirror cleverly to be able to see the door. However make sure that you cannot see your reflection while standing at the door.

Thirdly,  you must avoid sitting under a beam. This will give rise to financial losses, headaches, migraine and other health problems. If you have no choice you can cover the beam with a beautiful false ceiling and have lighting inside. For more information on furniture arrangement click here..

Fourth avoid L shapped sofas as they resemble a poison arrow.

Choose a focal point and make sure its placed right!

1. Aquarium 

 An aquarium in the feng shui living room can be a source of enjoyment and relaxation. You can sit back and watch as another world comes to life right before your eyes. But did you know that if you placed a fish tank or aquarium in the south east of your living room you will attract wealth and abundance in your home.

Its best to have a square or rectangular shape aquarium in the south east. However if you prefer a round one then you should place it in the north. This will ensure that you have a steady flow of income and good career luck.

Donot place water feature in the south. Also avoid placing them in the west or north west as well.

2. Water fountain.

 It can alone offers a focal point for your attention and your guest in home.  And who doesn’t respond to the sound of water running and cascading constantly? It’s pleasant to the ear as well as relaxing to our jaded nerves . You can be sure to see lots of promotions and career advancements when you place it in the north.

Since we are in the period 8 the south west is also a wealth corner now. It is best to build a 6-tier waterfall in the south west. Look for a small image of White Jambhala (wealth giving buddha) and place under falling water in a six-level waterfall.

Donot place water feature in the south. Also avoid placing them in west and north west as well

3. Mirror

A bold and gorgeous mirror can alone be the focal point of the feng shui living room. The mirror itself can become an artwork while adding bewitching space and light to the feng shui living room. 

If your wall mirror also reflect pleasant views from outdoors either a river or healthy growing plants or rolling hills – that suggest a vast expanse of pure energy. Views of trees bring in growth energy while views of scenic mountains bring great relationship. Views of water bring prosperity!

Do you like to gaze out of your window? Or would you rather try and ignore an ugly view? Make sure the mirror doesnt reflect an eye sore like a pile of clutter, dirty drains or sharp corners of wall or furniture.

Have a mirror that reflects the food on the dining table. This is sure to brings you wealth and abundance.. But make sure the mirror doesnt reflect the tallest member with the head cut off. 

Donot place mirror on the south wall. Make sure you can Not see your image in the mirror while standing at the door or windows. 

4. Images

You can choose one that really picks out colors in your living room. Or choose your whole color scheme around a fantastic picture. However be wise with images.

Donot put pictures that depict sadness, violence or lonliness. A picture of a single woman staring into space will only make you single aand lonely. Also avoid confusing abstract art. Have a family picture in a metal frame in the west of your feng shui living room. That brings the family luck. 

Also avoid having pictures of fierce animals. You can place a picture of horse in the south of your living room to attract the luck of fame and recognition.

5. Fireplace– 

The fireplace is an attractive focal point, and a wonderful gathering point for the whole family to get together.But what you may not know is that a fireplace in the south of your feng shui living room will bring you fame and recognition luck. You can be sure to be in the news and for  good reasons.

A fireplace is in the south west is sure to brings added romance into your love or married life. In the north east the fireplace helps you keep a cool and calm head with clear thinking. Also it brings you education luck.

Donot have a fireplace in the West, North West, South east or North of your living room.

6. TV And Cabinets- 

Tv will always try to attract your attention in living room. But just think about it. How often do you find living room photos in a magazine with a television as the focal point? The answer is never.

Place it in a corner diagonally. It works well to detract attention away from the TV.

Specialist TV and media cabinets create a very useful storage wall, which is a fantastic home decorating trend, right now. This can help you to create a recess-like feel to hide your flat screen TV.

 You could hang loads of artwork around TV.Or use specialist mirror-glass in a panel in front of your TV. When your TV is off, it is an attractive mirror. When you switch your TV on, it becomes your TV. If mirror feels heavy go for an art work instead.

There should be no reason why you need to have a big, black and ugly TV dominating your feng shui living room

7. Plants.

Lush green plants can fill the bare lonely corner of your feng shui living room with life and vitality. Lush green plants in the south east of living room will bring you wealth and abundance. In the south they bring you fame and good recognition luck. Green plants in the east will bring you good health and vitality.

Donot place plants in the north, south west or north east of the living room.

8. Clock.

The humble clock, when incorporated creatively, can be elevated to centerpiece status in a room. A unique oversized clock serves as an art.

A small wall clock gains importance when surrounded by a larger picture frame. If you have a  clock with a pendulum place it in the north west of the living room. That will bring you good travel luck and help from mentors, friends and heaven. 

Donot place a clock near a dining table.

Now after you have chosen a striking focal point you can draw attention to it in lots of ways. You can paint the wall with the focal point in a different color or have lovely wallpapers. Or have beautiful objects or flowers or ornaments near the focal point. Or have a mirror reflecting it. Use your imagination and have fun with decorating your living room.

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