December 3, 2023

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Fieldstone Hill Design – beautiful living, interior design and style

Fieldstone Hill Design – beautiful living, interior design and style

OK, fair warning.I have been cooking up this post for a LONG time.

You see, I am a mom of three lovely children.

I homeschool them and also have a work gig that I run mostly online. I run my kids around to a variety of activities and events. I am a wife. And a daughter. And a sister. And a friend. I run myself around trying to juggle our household and make sure my gray roots don’t get too out of hand. You get the picture.

I want the world for my kids.

You get that, right? You may feel the very same way.

I want my kids to get a great education. I want them to have a relationship with God and walk with Him. I want them to love and be kind to their siblings. I want them to be well-rounded and have lots of experiences. I would love for them to see parts of the world and have their horizons opened before them. I want them to know scripture. I want them to have enthusiasm and optimism and a thirst for life. I want them to learn a good work ethic and be a team player. I want them to think outside the box and know how to work inside of it too. I want them to try soccer, and ballet, and piano. I want them to have some time on their hands, from time to time. I want them to experience boredom and for them to creatively work their way out of it.

But I do NOT care if they have a dozen cookies at their next concert gathering.

And, I do not care if they have a 3 course snack at every. single. soccer. practice.

And, I do not care if they have a fully painted, life-like backdrop for their class presentation.

And, I do not care if they have yet another ‘successful’ fund raiser, taking up 38 hours out of our week.

And, I do not care if they make it to state champs at age 7 after 98 hours of practice this week alone, not including the 10 summer camps they had to do to qualify.

And I do not care if they build the Roman colosseum using only egg noodles and ear wax.

And, I do not care if my young ballerina has a required 40 piece makeup set, curated with exact specifications.


This drowning-of-mothers….

has GOT. TO. STOP.


Why is that ‘participation’ has become a life sentence down the Snack-Sign-Up-Rabit-Hole? When… How did this happen? I GET that ‘it takes a village,’ but WHY is the village trying to build the Taj Mahal with 9 year olds and their moms?


PLEASE, please do not ask me for a dozen cookies.

Because, my tween just back-talked me… and I need to have time to sit with him and teach him about life and respect and how I love him no matter what.

PLEASE, please do not ask me for a dozen cookies.

Because my middle child is sensitive, and he needs time to walk with me in the back yard, at a slow pace.

PLEASE, please do not ask me for a dozen cookies.

Because my three year wants braids…  and braids take time, and I really want to say yes while she is still asking me.

PLEASE, please do not ask me for a dozen cookies.

Because my family needs home cooked meals and slow moments and bedtime stories. And cookies.


Do not ask me for a dozen cookies. Because I am a mother. And a wife. And a daughter. And that “loving well” thing??? Well, that takes time…

Fieldstone Hill Design – beautiful living, interior design and style








* Author’s Note: We are personally fortunate to have found some lower pressure groups for our kids.  We have had to be very mindful in our search about how much of a “job” it will be for our family to participate. This article is not about moms exercising their right to say “no,” but rather it is about how ridiculous and out-of-proportion the pressures and demands and extra commitments of extra-curricular activities have become.  I am, fortunately, good at drawing the line for my family… and we still get asked to do much “stuff.” Oh, and also, this is not about cookies, just in case you have not figured that out.







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