December 3, 2023

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Find the best Interior Designers & Decorators

Find the best Interior Designers & Decorators

What do interior designers and decorators do?

Do you want a home that tells people about your personality? You might be preoccupied with your job and family and lack time to decorate the interior space of your house. You need interior designers and/or a decorator because they know the most recent trends of designs that your home needs. 

Interior designers and decorator
s are the professionals who create functional spaces in your home after understanding your behavior. The decorators furnish your interior space with beautiful things. Interior designers can decorate your house, but decorators cannot design. 

It is the interior designer who works together with the architect from the beginning by creating a functional interior space after understanding what you need. The interior decorator, on the other hand, is involved in the textiles, furniture, colors and decorations of the entire room. 

If you hire an interior designer and decorator, be assured of your budget to be well managed. Interior designers and decorators know the appropriate place to buy all resources needed to decorate your house. You won’t have the headache of researching where to buy different products needed. 

As much as there might be a difference between the interior designers and decorators, both work with a common goal of creating an adorable interior space according to your wish. It is possible to find an interior designer in Malaysia who also works as a decorator at homify.

How do I find high-quality interior designers and decorators? 

If you want to find experienced interior designers and decorators in Malaysia, the following tips can assist you. 

Referrals from real estate agents.  Real estate agents work with interior designers and decorators when the buildings in real estates are almost complete. Moreover, they are also aware of other home improvement professionals. You can consult them for information about interior design, and they will refer the right professional to you. 

Websites like homify have all kinds of home improvement professionals like interior designers and decorators with their profile. Get in touch with them and find a good person to hire. 

Yellow pages. Directories like the yellow pages and white pages have contacts of home improvement companies. From these companies, you can find home improvement professionals like interior designers and decorators. 

What do I need to look out for when hiring interior designers and decorators? 

In Malaysia, most homes are unique and define the style of the owners. Achieving such mix-and-match sprawl looks needed some efforts. Therefore, you have to look out on the following before hiring interior architect and designers.


Good interior designers and decorators should have more than three years experience. An experienced designer knows the challenges that they might encounter during the decoration process. Interior designers and decorators have worked with many construction companies in Malaysia and can offer you quality services.

Check their design portfolio

Ideal interior designers and decorators should have a portfolio. If you can look at their portfolio, you will be able to know what to expect from an original interior designer and decorator. Only choose the one who has completed work like the one you need. 

What other professionals do I need in my home? 

Interior designers and decorators will need a helping hand of other professionals to make the project in your home friendly. Examples of such professionals include: 


The interior of your house will need framing and other types of woodwork. Doors, cabinets, and windows will be installed by carpenters.

Home builders 

The general construction process is usually done by the home builders. Home builders work together with architects to create your home. You can check the profiles of home builders at homify and select the appropriate person. 


What kind of roofing do you want in your home? After the general foundation of your house, roofers install the roof at your new home. They can also advise you on the best roofing material to choose. Roofers at homify have worked with different construction companies, and their results were pleasing. 

Interior designers and decorators deal with the final touches of your home to give it a taste and a sense of style. Your choice of the person to hire is the factor that determines what you should expect. Consider using online platforms like homify to get the right person to hire.

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