December 2, 2023

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Francis Manzella Design Ltd :: Architectural and Acoustic Design | Index

Francis Manzella Design Ltd :: Architectural and Acoustic Design | Index

Architectural Acoustic Design for the Recording, Broadcast and Media Industries


Francis Manzella Design Ltd. is a full service Architectural Acoustics, and Media Facility design firm based in Mahopac, NY. We specialize in Architectural Acoustic Design and modeling of critical listening environments and performance spaces for the audio Recording, Post-Production, Broadcast and Entertainment industries. The firm is a fifteen time nominee and THREE time winner of the prestigious TEC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Studio Design and Acoustics.

We are immersed in the ‘process’ and are always investigating new techniques and solutions for the acoustic design challenge we face on each project. Incorporating the best from previous successes and stretching the envelope in aesthetic and acoustic conceptualization keeps the process stimulating and fresh. Personal service and a resolute desire to see projects through to completion are the principals upon which our service is based.

We are not into providing “cookie cutter” solutions and will not sell pre-existing designs to new customers. “I have yet to walk into a new project that had the exact same requirements or design challenges as a previous one. The individual attention given to each client and their needs, is what we pride ourselves on, and I believe this is what gives us an edge” states principal designer, Francis Manzella. This, along with over 38 years of actual in studio experience as engineers and technicians and musicians, is what separates Francis Manzella Design from many other acoustics and design firms.

Our Client List reflects the many aspects of acoustic design and consulting that we have been involved in. From large scale Multi-room Commercial Studio and Systems designs, to small private use Production Studio consultations, FM Design strives to give each of it’s customers the individual solutions that fit the budget, time frame and design goals of the project.

The Truth

FM Design has based its reputation on providing personal service to its customers and striving to always telling them the Truth.

It’s easy to tell a potential customer that he or she can count on completing their project, regardless of size, for the money they would like it to cost. It’s also easy to withdraw after delivering a design, and not be available once the construction is under way and the customer is struggling with the real costs to complete the project. We will not do this!

Although FM Design does not do any general contracting, the wide range of design projects that we have seen through to completion, gives us a real world basis for estimating the cost of almost any kind of media facility construction. We want our clients to know up-front, what the potential design and construction costs may be. Many of our proposals contain cost and budget analyses, based on square footages to be developed and our conversations with the customer regarding their requirements for isolation, acoustic performance and visual finish quality.

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