December 3, 2023

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‘Frankenstump’: Orange family creates from tree damaged by Laura

‘Frankenstump’: Orange family creates from tree damaged by Laura

One family created a unique Halloween display in an Orange neighborhood still recovering from Hurricane Laura.

ORANGE, Texas — A neighborhood in Orange now has a unique Halloween display. 

This family in Oak Manor Estates made a creative Halloween decoration of the damage left by Hurricane Laura. Now their new decoration is attracting a lot of attention.

Mike Wiley and his wife are giving Orange a reason to smile this Halloween. Although Halloween is expected to be very different this year, they both decided to take a family tradition that started with a tree in their yard to a lawn.

They named it the Frankenstump, based on its resemblance to Frankenstein and the original tree was used in a special way throughout his four daughters’ childhood. 

“My girls always stood by this tree on the first day of school, before any dances, homecomings, daddy-daughter dances,” Wiley said. “They were bummed by were lightening things up saying, ‘guess we will take pictures by the stump now.’

“I thought to myself, ‘we can make something out of this,'” he said. “So I decided to make Frankenstump. We wanted to make a positive out of a negative and our girls love it.” 

The girls were disappointed their tree had to be cut down after Hurricane Laura, but the family hopes Frankenstump will bring a little joy back for everyone.

The Frankenstump can be found in the Oak Manor Estates neighborhood in Orange. The family said their stump has already caught attention and smiles from those driving by, which keeps them smiling also. 

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