October 1, 2023

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Free Printable Room Planner – Brooklyn Berry Designs

Free Printable Room Planner – Brooklyn Berry Designs

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Do you have a room that you struggle with furniture placement? Are you often rearranging furniture but never find the right place for everything?

When I was in design school we got started with space planning (that is a fancy design word for where to place the furniture) by hand drawing a floor plan and had a stencil for the basic furniture pieces.  The best part of drawing out a floor plan is that you can rearrange your furniture in as many ways as you like without having to physically push and shove heavy furniture.pages included in the free printable room planner - room layout and furniture templates.

How To Use The Free Printable Room Planner

To start, print off the grid paper and furniture templates.  Use scissors to cut out the pieces you have to work with.  Use the grid to draw your room, one square of the grid is equal to one foot, so if your room was 10 feet by 10 feet, you would draw a square that is ten squares tall and wide. If you are adding a thicker line to show walls, be sure to mark the line outside of your measurements to keep them correct.  Door swings are drawn with a wedge, and windows can be drawn with an open box. If your furniture is standard sizes then the templates should work.  If you need something that is a custom size you can make your own piece by using the grid as a guide, draw and cut out a piece that works for you.

How often do you move your furniture around?

If you are thinking about remodeling a room in your house or changing the layout in a space, this free printable room planner will save you time and a whole lot of sore muscles. Once you have the layout you like, you can make a photocopy to keep for reference.  If you are building or renovating, the room planner can also be a plan for new items that need to be purchased.  This would be a great resource to have with you as you shop for those items because you will be able to see if an item will fit, and what items are still needed.

Download the Free Printable Room Planner here

If the space you are drawing is too large to fit on this page, I also have the same templates at a smaller scale, so larger rooms will fit on a regular piece of paper.  Download the large grid here.

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Are you building a new house or renovating? Check out the home builders bible for tons of resources on all the nitty gritty details you probably wouldn’t think about until you are asked to make a selection.

If you are interested, here are some great furniture templates from Amazon that you can use as well.

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