September 25, 2023

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FRONT ELEVATION – Exterior House Design

FRONT ELEVATION – Exterior House Design

FRONT ELEVATION – Exterior House Design

FRONT ELEVATION – Exterior House Design



What is Front Elevation…?

FRONT ELEVATION – Exterior House Design is front view of our house. It is a 3D representation of our house from front side. This is the main view of our house. Every person notice this view of our house.

Front design of our house show’s the original look of the house. It must be gorgeous.

The front elevation of a house plan is a straight-on view of the house. Also called an “entry elevation,” the front elevation of a house plan shows features such as entry doors, windows etc.


Things to remember while designing front elevation :

Glass facades are popular elements of front elevation of building designs.

Brick Wall Designs for Front Elevation. By joining bricks in different arrangements like English Bond, Rat Trap Bond or Flemish Bond, a different sort of finish can be given to exterior walls.

Contemporary Verandas extending out of the front elevation and supported by attractive columns are another style you can explore.

An excellent way to create cross ventilation, atrium as part of front elevations of house designs also provides space for shade loving plants.

Combine varnished timber, plaster and mushroom tones into one snazzy exterior design.

Beautiful garden in the front of our house helps in increasing the beauty of the house. Garden includes a proper sitting arrangement, flower pots, trees etc.

The FRONT ELEVATION – Exterior House Design of our house is different from others nearby houses. The house with differ front from others nearby houses looks wonderful.

Beautiful entry door is other important reason which is noticed by everyone while taking entry in our house.

Main gate of our house should be of modern design. Main gate doubles the beauty of our house.

Using of modern tiles in front elevation provides amazing look to our house.


Some beautiful front designs :



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