January 28, 2022


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Holly Willoughby screams with terror as creepy Halloween decoration starts moving on its own in This Morning studio

This is the moment Holly Willoughby screamed in terror as a creepy Halloween decoration began moving on its own.

The eerie spectacle – which you can watch above – occurred during ‘Josie’s spooktacular Halloween decorations’ segment on today’s episode of ITV’s This Morning.

While showing viewers an array of ghoulish decorations, Josie and Holly were left creeped out by one particular decoration – an animated see-saw with miniature clowns that plays music while moving up and down.

“How creepy is that?” Josie asked.

Holly replied: “Its horrible, I feel like even when you unplug that that’s just gonna do that.”

“And when you go to bed at night and everything’s turned off they’re doing it just quietly downstairs on their own.” Phil added, causing an unimpressed Holly to look at the camera and then to him worryingly – “I don’t like that at all” she said to him.

However, it would seem Holly’s feeling came true as even after Josie turned the decoration off, it began moving all on its own again.

“That is from Party Delights coming in at £118” Josie said after turning the see-saw off.

“So creepy, you’ve got to really, really, be into Halloween for that one.” She added.

But just as Josie began introducing her next Halloween decoration, Holly let out a loud scream as the two miniature clowns began slowly bouncing up and down on the see-saw again to its music.

“OH! It’s starting” She squealed while pointing at the clowns, “I told you, I told you!”

“Nooo!” Josie shouted as the whole studio went quiet, “I just turned that off.”

“I told you, I told you!” Holly said.

“I’m getting out of here in a minute!” Josie remarked.

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