October 1, 2023

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Home Decorating Ideas To Steal: Design Inspiration From Europe

Home Decorating Ideas To Steal: Design Inspiration From Europe

Dream home decorating made easy!  Easy-to-follow tips and ideas to give your home style, personality, and an intriguing European touch.

Hi!  I’m Renate, a London-based designer. On this site, you’ll learn step-by-step:

  • How to create the look  you want for your home, using design tricks and shortcuts for easy, elegant interiors.
  • How to tap into a treasure trove of European design inspiration and interior decorating styles:
    Swiss, and other Country styles from the North Pole (well, almost) to the Mediterranean.

  • How to use color to create
    the ‘wow’ factor;

  • 7 simple tips
    to create a home that works for your  lifestyle;

  • How to achieve beautiful interior design results on a

  • How to develop your own, ‘signature’ home
    decor style.

  • And … we’d love to see you show off your home remodel/makeover when you’re done!

So what about the “Dream” in Dream Home Decorating?

Well, ever since I did my BA (Hons) in Design at the University of the Arts in London, I’ve seen over and over that it doesn’t matter whether you’re decorating a tiny apartment or a princely mansion. You can turn any  home into your dream home

If you’re looking for something specific, try the search box in the top right corner.
You’ll know right away if what you’re looking for is on this site, and where to find it.

… as long as you know which design elements to focus on, and which ones to forget about.

♦  But how do you know what’s essential and what isn’t?

♦  Even more important, how do you know what you like – home decorating styles, colors, materials, patterns?

That’s where this site comes in. You’ll find original pictures of distinct styles, how-to instructions, and a large section about choosing color schemes (I can’t stress enough how important colors are!)  Most of all, you’ll find …

… countless ways to give your home that unique, special touch.

So, does size matter?  Nope. On the contrary, great design usually happens when you drastically limit the options. Limitations are magic creativity boosters. (I’ll show you how this works.)

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 And now, let’s turn your home
into your Dream Home!

Where would you like to start?  Here are a few ideas:

How To Use Color:

bedroom color schemes

Browse through
Great Color
to find the best ones for your home.

Learn how to combine Interior Design Colors to create room color schemes that really work.

Choosing Paint color can be daunting, but if you stick to a few rules, success is almost guaranteed!

Check out the ‘Overview‘ page about Room Color Schemes – almost everyone has the same questions about home decorating with color. And if you would like to ask your own Color Questions (either about Exterior or Interior color schemes), you’re most welcome to do so!

Kitchen Ideas:

small kitchen design

Small Kitchen Design is
an art, particularly if you’re remodeling your kitchen on a budget.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration for
French Country
kitchen design in these pages, as well as ideas to help you create the look of French country kitchens.

Tuscan kitchen design is
less known internationally (and often confused with French styles), but our readers
have shared some lovely (and pretty authentic)
kitchen makeovers
on this site – as well as several other great looking kitchen remodels.

Bedroom Interior Decorating:

french country bed

Bedroom Interior Design can give you a soothing sanctuary, a seductive boudoir, a minimalist haven, the ultimate
dream space – decorating choices are endless!

Even though you’ll spend most of your hours here with eyes closed, you should use the
effects of Bedroom
Decorating Colors
to develop a bedroom color scheme that looks & feels perfect for you.

Get inspired by French Bedroom Design,
especially the gorgeous mix of modern and rustic decor you’ll find in many Provençal bedrooms.  Or, create a traditional-looking Tuscan Style Bedroom for dreamy, authentic Mediterranean flavor.

Generally, Country Style Bedroom Furniture will open a treasure trove of home decorating options, from rough-hewn to
elegant handcrafted bedroom decorating pieces.

Bathroom Interior Design:

bathroom interior design

In the current trend towards smaller, more colorful bathrooms, the page about
French Country Bathrooms shows
a series of fanciful, fun and elegant spaces very unlike your average, white-on-white cleaning lab. And what’s nice –
the look is quite easy to copy!

For more home decorating ideas, check out our readers’ bathroom makeovers, an English one in turquoise & mint, and another with exuberant
Mediterranean accents (2 parts).

Living Room Decor:

living room ideas

The Living Room Ideas
on this site range all the way from rustic cabin interiors to buying tips for area rugs.

Of course, Country
Style Living Room Furniture
deserves a special mention here for its versatility and comfort, and there are special sections on French and Tuscan living rooms as well.

Beyond furniture and accessories, Living
Room Color Schemes
can make or break a room – this topic is always worth your careful consideration.

Color Theory Made Easy:

color wheel chart

The Color Wheel Chart is a
much-used tool for picking decorating color combinations – learn what it can, and cannot, do.

When you understand the basics of Color
, you’ll find it easier to choose the ‘right’ home decorating colors for your rooms.

Before & After Home Makeovers

kitchen before and after

From drab to fab: Many readers have sent in photos and stories of their
makeover projects.

So get inspired by your fellow Dream Home Decorators’ redecorating and remodeling ideas for
living rooms,
kitchens, and
(so far – more to come  :-)

Christmas Decor, Crafts & Gifts

christmas craft gift

The Christmas Decorating Ideas
on this site are a totally crafty affair.  (A number of them were featured in a recent book,
The Ultimate Christmas, by HCI, publishers of the legendary Chicken Soup series).

Create simple decorating items like Christmas tree crafts and table decorations, and try out some homemade gift ideas, too (including my Mom’s scrumptious rum balls recipe).

If you’re not the crafting kind, you could always check out my
GIFT SHOP for some personalized,
monogrammed pressies!

And for a dose of Christmas nostalgia, here’s my account of
Christmas Traditions in
– starting with home decorating in Advent, it covers all the things that can make Christmas a time of wonder and magic for children everywhere.

Trends & Tips

cheap home decor

Frugal living and thrifty home decorating is the order of the day for many people right now.  So you’ll find a large collection of ideas and shortcuts to frugal home decorating in the section about Cheap Home Decor.

Clutter is another big issue for almost everyone I know. I’ve sketched out a
Daily De-Clutter Routine
that works really well and has garnered some rave reviews.

Home decorating books – which ones really deliver more than pretty pictures and some fluffy copy? Check out my Interior Decorating Book list for suggestions. (Oh, and do get my Free E-Book about Neutral Color Schemes whilst you’re at it.)

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