December 11, 2023

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How To Design A Comfortable Family Room

How To Design A Comfortable Family Room

Having a space for your family to gather in your home is an important part of being able to spend time together. Families often gather around the dining room or kitchen table to eat and share stories about their day, but with the focus on eating, this space may not work for all family gatherings. If you can create a family room in your home that offers space for entertainment, games, and just hanging out, you are more likely to spend time together than if everyone just has their own space. Start by getting the room you want to use organized. If necessary, add a shelf storage cabinet for games and books. If you choose materials like you would use for bath storage cabinets, it should be sturdy enough to suit your needs. This also gives you a place to display family photos and mementos from vacations and special events.

Next, be sure you have plenty of comfortable seating. Nothing is worse than planning a family night, only to have people stuck sitting on the hard floor. If you do not have the budget to buy large chairs and couches, consider options like bean bag chairs and seating cushions. This is an inexpensive and convenient way to bring seating into a space and kids love using options like this. If you plan to watch movies in your family room, make sure there are plenty of lounging areas that work just as well when people are engaged in playing board games.

The lighting in the room also needs to be evaluated before it is put to use. Consider the things that will be going on the in room like reading, playing games, and watching movies. The lighting should be adjustable for each of these events. During movies, you may want to dim the lights, but while reading or playing games, they will need to be bright so everyone can see.

It is just as easy for adults to get bored with activities available to them as it is for kids, so remember to keep plenty of options on hand. Even though one family member may be content to sit around and do nothing but talk, you may need some activities to help break the ice. Introduce new games every few months, and remember that even if you are watching a movie, it can still be considered quality time.

Finally, make the space inviting and comfortable. All of the previous aspects go into this, but it is also important to add a personal touch to the space. Be sure every member of your family feels at home in the room and do your best to include everyone when designing the space. This way everyone will feel like they were involved in building the family room and they will enjoy being in it with everyone else. Do not forget to add family photos and special items that are meaningful when designing the room. It should be a reflection of your family and what you have built together.

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