December 6, 2023

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How to Take Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass on Home Redecorating

How to Take Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass on Home Redecorating

Enlisting interior designer Kelly Wearstler as your decorator may be a pipe dream for most of us, but you can now take advantage of your newfound time at home by taking her new series on MasterClass. Wearstler is known for her Californian glam aesthetic, which mixes materials and colors with a deft hand, and she has worked with everyone from Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller to luxury hotels like the Viceroy Santa Monica and the Four Seasons Anguilla.

For her MasterClass series, she breaks down her design process step by step. “I want to give people the confidence to approach interior design, whether they are someone who is considering it as a career or redecorating a room,” says Wearstler. “Interior design has so many choices that it can be quite daunting.”

She starts by encouraging students to “educate the eye.” “Anything from looking through books to going to a museum can help tap into a creative spirit,” she says. “Be sure to diversify by looking at different things and staying curious.”

Then, she approaches each project by creating what she calls a “vibe tray,” a simple tray that she fills with the images, objects, colors, and fabric swatches for each room. “Use anything that you have an emotional connection to. This is how you discover your own voice, and begin to see the story that is emerging,” she says.

According to Wearstler, color is everything. “Color is something that everyone can do, whether you paint your walls one color and your ceiling another or by color-blocking an awkward space to celebrate it,” she explains.


Wearstler’s color-saturated kitchen for Cameron Diaz, as seen in Elle Decor.

William Abranowicz

For those working at home now, Wearstler suggests moving some furniture around to best fit your current situation. “Try putting your work table or even dining room table by a window, for starters, this is really an opportune situation for reconfiguring a space,” she says. “No matter what space I am doing, I literally sit in a chair in every corner, every elevation of the room. Just move furniture around and beautiful things will happen.”


The interior designer is particularly famous for her ability to mix textures and colors to create a story.


Wearstler also is a total pro when it comes to online shopping for furniture: “For sofas or chairs the best thing to do is to ask someone to sit in it and take a photo for scale; for vases and lamps have them set it on a side table and take a picture. I was ordering a sofa from Denmark for a client who was 6’5” so I had them find someone who was 6’5” to sit on the sofa and take a picture. Most dealers are happy to help.”

To learn more about Wearstler’s approach to interior design, sign up for her MasterClass here.

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