December 9, 2023

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Impact Of Covid 19 On An Interior Design Company In Dubai

Impact Of Covid 19 On An Interior Design Company In Dubai

Most industries are in uncertainty mode and are having a tough time. The picture with an interior design company in Dubai is no different. In addition to the anxiety over the business, many are worried about the health of their workers and loved ones. Work from home has turned to be the new normal. Many companies are experiencing a delay or shifting in project completion and launching activities due to covid 19.

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Change In The Working Environment

Work from home might not be a new thing for many of the interior designers. Many of the designers are freelancers, working alone in their designer studios. Social distancing, in a way, demands more connectivity through online mediums.

Video conferencing tools such as zoom are used to meet the clients and discuss the developments of projects. Many such online platforms are very interactive; for example, some of them even have provisions for screen sharing.

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If you have a large interior design company in Dubai, stick to the rules of the Government for running an office. As of now, work from home is the only option as the pandemic is widely spreading across the country. The Government has issued many policies like rent reduction to support the industry.

Lack Of Raw Material For Interior Design Company In Dubai

With travel ban and restrictions on movement, the raw material supply chain has been affected adversely. China is the supplier of raw material for many interior designing companies. Being the first country affected by the virus, many shipments have been canceled and delayed.

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Manufacturers among interior design company in Dubai are now trying to find local suppliers as never before to fulfill their needs. By promoting local suppliers, both parties gain in the business. The furniture export industry has also been disturbed due to the lockdown and travel ban. In such a situation of uncertainty, an interior designer should maintain close contact with manufacturers, retailers, clients, etc.

Design Events Postponed

The export furniture exhibition which was planned for March is postponed to August by the Chairman of EFE, Chua Chun Chai. The design competition of The Dubai International Academic City at Dubai Lynx 2020 has moved to a further date. The postponement is in line with the guidelines by KHDA to safeguard the health of participants and the public.

Art Dubai, which is to be held on March 25th to 28th, has been postponed for the year. The 14th annual fair has been halted after the partners of the event decided cautiously to act to the prevailing situation. The surface design trade show, which is to be held on September end at Dubai World Trade Center, got suspended. The event showcases dedicated design solutions for ceilings and flooring.

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Sales Of Home Decor Items To Slow

The current trend of customer spend on essential items will severely affect the home decor sales. The economic crisis and increasing unemployment rate all over the world will have a direct impact on the interior design industry. Even though we are not wholly aware of the future situation, if the current situation prevails, the future is proving to be tough for an interior designer.

However, the good piece of news is that the Chinese luxury interior design industry made a quick come back. The shops are reopening, and customers tend to invest in interior decorating items as before. People are revenge shopping to beat the stress of being locked up inside for days. The flight cancellations and movement restrictions outside the country have helped to promote local interior items.

Property Market To Slow Down

The ripples of the year 2008 recession are visible in the property market of Dubai. The pandemic is undoubtedly going to trigger it up. Construction projects are going to be affected by the shortage of building materials and a shortage of laborers. Viewing of completed projects by estate agents is being canceled due to strict movement restrictions imposed by the Government.

The industry is looking upon governmental bills and supporting policies that can help them overcome this challenging period. Additionally, the bank policies towards loans and mortgages will make a significant impact on the industry. The knock-on property market is going to affect the interior designing companies in Dubai directly.

Ways to Deal With The Slow Down In The Industry

The situation is entirely new to the companies, and the outcomes are unpredictable. But the scenario is not fully out of hope. Figures from China makes it clear that the industries are making a comeback, that too pretty soon. Here are specific tips to help you deal with the present situation.

Keep In Touch With Your Potential Customers

Most of your business comes from the list of a few regular customers. Make it a point to contact them personally through emails, SMS, or phone calls. Colour consultation and design concerns of customers can be done through various online platforms. Convey clearly about the company circumstances and operational details with your selected customers. Promise quality and timely services, even in this situation. This can help build a healthy business bond between you and the customer.

Be Flexible

Offer online services for interior design consultations. The customer care center should be actively working to help your customers readily. Maintenance works are to be done timely; no work should be small for you. The customers will appreciate flexibility in paying methods and the total amount at this point. Entry-level price to introduction items can help boost sales. Installment paying will turn out to be a great help for the customers.

Continue Marketing Campaigns

Many think that cut downs in marketing can help them overcome the economic crisis to an extent. But, marketing your products and services can help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed easily. The time is best suited for branding your business. Well adopted marketing strategies can promote your products to reach out to many new audiences without much spending. It can help the company to develop an identity and place in the market when things return to normal.

We have discussed the impacts of the pandemic on the interior design industry and tips to minimize the effect of these impacts. Now let us explain in short the role of interior design in disease prevention.

Why Is Interior Design Important In Disease Prevention?

In this lockdown situation, people spend more time indoors in their homes. The interior items can significantly influence the overall health of an individual. Careful selection of material and room size can help prevent the scope of diseases to a great extent.

The materials used in decorating your spaces have a significant role to play, while some retain the presence of the virus and other pathogens for long, others weaken the presence over its surface faster. Materials with antibacterial properties need not necessarily be aesthetically adding to the beauty of your space. Easily cleanable and sterilizable materials are to be used to prevent the spread of the virus. The size of the rooms also matters to an extent. Small spaces are more vulnerable to disease spread than large areas.

Let us hope that this time passes soon with lesser impacts on the industry than expected. Let the world catch up its growing phase quickly. DecoArt wishes all good health and prosperity. Stay home, stay safe.


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