October 1, 2023

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Your Dream House

Interior Design and Decorating Columbus Ohio

Interior Design and Decorating Columbus Ohio

One Day Decorating

(psst- with over 300 reviews from various sites and many happy homeowners)

Interior Decorating  Columbus ohio  Interior Designer Decorating for you

I have done virtual (from your home to my home) Interior Designing for clients in the past. Please go to the Virtual Decorating tab if this interests you.  Normally, in 2 short hours, you will have a plan for a room, flooring, paint colors…. whatever you need. With Virtual Decorating, the process will take longer. 

I will make it happen!

Decorating the easy way Makeover a room Decorate a room 

Do you want to Redecorate a room or have a plan to Decorate a room….. in just a few short hours?


Are you looking for Decorating Ideas for your entire home to complete when your time and budget allows? 

Then grab a cup of coffee (wine or beer, or whatever), sit back and relax and continue reading and Learn How this Interior Designer has helped over 5000 people struggling (paralyzed) with Decorating their home. Ultimately I help people through the overwhelming decision-making process of Interior Design.

I use what you have to decorate and add more decor items, or we can create an Interior Design Plan for your empty room.  MOVING? Yes, I create a Decorating Plan for that new home (layout, artwork, accessories) and help you with a less stressful day on move-in day.  

Just a quick note: If you want copy-cat decorating, I am not the decorator for you. I want to create something unique for you, so when people walk into your home, your well-decorated home politely screams: “this is who you and reflects your personality.”   Everyone tries to copy Houzz and Pinterest- do you copy the way everyone is dressed? I hope not! Yes, I will include some elements from the decorated rooms you love- it will look better than the pictures you share!

Let’s start this journey to give you a Interior Design Plan that reflects you!


Decorate a home

Exterior paint color

interior paint color

Angie's List super service award

Thank you so much to all the Wonderful people I have been able to help during this year and who wrote a wonderful review (and yes, without prompting).  I enjoyed helping you create a home you  love!  Check out Angie’s List for reviews and at least 15+ years of Super Service Awards.

Why don’t you take the next step and call to create a home you will love?  It is so easy.

Isn’t about time for YOU to have a home you are proud of? (you’re not alone, many struggle and say they will do it…2 years, 6 years, you know the routine- and it still hasn’t been done.  Call today.

Remodeling help

use what you have decorating


Ready Set Redesign’s (aka Diane’s) Decorating Philosophy:

Ready Set Redesign is a Solution Based Interior Design Consulting company that believes YOU deserve a Home that looks and feels good.  I am blessed with the creative gene, so there will be LOTS of creative ideas; using what you have, repurposing what you have, and/or purchasing new from the store or on-line site of your choice. 

I have helped many people take the guess work and Paralysis out of the Decorating Process. The Process is based on Design Principles, so any Decorating style works with this process. Design Principles are based on balance, repetition, flow, lifestyle, cohesiveness, and more.  This process eliminates the guesswork, struggle, paralysis and arguments (be it with yourself or another person) in Decorating your home.   

Is a decorating plan something you want to help you feel good about your home? 

Just pick up the phone NOW…go ahead, I dare you.  The first step- the call- is the toughest step because you will be analyzing me and analyzing whether this process will really work will really work for you….. oops, analysis-paralysis, again. Yep, you’re overwhelmed, I get it. I can de-overwhelm you. Let’s schedule an appointment NOW… the sooner you take that step, the sooner your home will come together!


Interior Decorating at a Flat Rate

Interior Designer Columbus ohio

Decorate a room and Makeover a room

Brief Overview of the Decorating Services of Ready Set Redesign™

  • You make the purchases: This allows you to implement the Easy-To-Understand Design Plan when your time and budget allows. The Best Part: You shop where you want to shop!
  • Your Design Plan is created RIGHT.ON.THE.SPOT.– yes,  when I am in your home. This is not cookie cutter decorating.  It is a compilation of your wants, needs and desires pulled together uniquely for you, based on your style and lifestyle.
  • Your detailed Decorating Plan Includes everything from ceiling to floor: light fixutres, wall colors, artwork, accessories, window treatments, and much more.  For kitchens and bathrooms: tile, faucets, storage solutions, new layout. Sizes, colors- you are NEVER clueless.
  • You will save $$$– by not making decorating mistakes. 
  • You will save Time– by having a plan. No more analysis-paralysis, and working through the second-guessing process.
  • Need help when implementing the Decorating Plan? I’m just an email away. Think you want more help? That’s easy to remedy, you can hire me to shop with you.

In two(2) short hours you will have a plan to decorate a room or we will completely transform an existing room with minimal additions. How easy was that?



Decorate your home

designing a room

decorate a room

My theme song (don’t all Interior Designers have one ) : Home by Phillip Phillips

“…Know you are not alone…..I am going to make this Place your Home”…. 

“Settle down…it will all be CLEAR…”

No room is too ugly, too embarrassing, too clutter-filled (toy-filled) or too “dust-bunny” filled for me to help reDesign or Design it into a beautiful room- I am just am saying this because these are excuses to prevent you from having the home of your dreams.


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