December 5, 2023

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Interior Design Courses –

Interior Design Courses –

Looking for a rewarding career? Do you enjoy rearranging furniture, choosing colour schemes and decorating houses? If you answered ‘yes’, then an online course in Interior Design sounds perfect for you.

What does a day in the life of an interior designer look like?

9 am Start the morning browsing the latest trends in textiles patterns, designs, furniture styles and accessories before welcoming your first client for the day. Go over the client’s needs for design, key furniture items, colour schemes and fabrics.

12 pm – Meet a new client who wants a proposal – provide your fabric and colour boards, catalogues and make a rough plan of new development design. The client decides colours and accessories and leaves you to place the orders according to their budget needs

5 pm Back to the Office to place more orders for furniture, fabrics, and accessories for upcoming proposal designs.

Does this sound like an interesting and good day at work? Are you ambitious, business-oriented and good at dealing with people? If you love playing with colours, rearranging rooms, meeting new clients, you can make this an enjoyable and rewarding new career.

Key Responsibilities and Skills of an Interior Designer

  • Good spatial awareness
  • Eye for detail and style
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Understand clients needs and interact with them on a daily basis
  • Aware and up to date with building laws

About the Industry

While the industry is rapidly becoming more popular, the pay rates for interior design vary according to qualifications, experience level, and location. Salary across the industry could range from $51,632 to $81,087 on an annual salary.

Virtual interior designers have the potential to earn a great deal more depending on their business marketing and advertising skills, which is something to consider when enrolling in your Interior Design Course. With technology taking over in the virtual department for all careers, an online virtual interior designer path is an appealing option to consider.

Employment rates in this industry have been gradually increasing over the past five years and are expected to rapidly rise towards the year 2020 in Australia. The industry is set to boom – and it’s a great time to get your degree under your belt if you’re passionate about interior design.

Interior Design isn’t just all about fabrics and colours. There are many other required skills for the role that most don’t consider. Elements of psychology, spatial concepts, building structural integrity, ethics, building codes, local government and building laws, and computer aided drawings (CAD) all come into play within your employment duties.

Main Career Tips When Working as an Interior Designer

  1. Be a people person! A major part of your work day will be dealing with clients and completing the job to their deadline and requirements. You’ll need great interpersonal skills, a pleasant or positive attitude and personality, and good sales skills to sell your services.
  2. Have a good knowledge of colour schemes – what colours complement each other, what colours are trending and what fabrics suit the décor.
  3. Stay up to date with current trends in furniture and themed room design. Know what’s popular and know your client and what they are looking for before drafting up proposals.
  4. Keep and maintain a current and extensive portfolio of your work. It’s a great starting block for interior designers to gain their first clients.

What qualifications do I need to become an Interior Designer?

There are many education providers in Australia currently offering several distinct courses to become a qualified Interior Designer. Both online and on-campus study methods are available for greater accessibility and flexibility.

Some current courses available to choose from:

• Certificate

Many Certificate courses in Interior design are a two-year course enabling you to gain foundational skills to forge your way towards a successful Interior Design career. You’ll learn how to produce perspective drawings, respond to client briefs, and read building plans. You will learn legal and administrative processes and legalities relevant to running your own successful small business venture in interior design.

• Diploma

If you’re after a flexible online diploma, there’s plenty available across the country. These Diploma of Interior Design courses can take up to two and a half years to complete but can be done a lot sooner based on your flexibility to study. They’re perfect to enhance and develop technical and creative interior designer skills, with a focus on space planning, heritage site considerations, and environmentally sustainable practices. You’ll end the course with an extensive portfolio to complement your new career.

• Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor of Interior Design provides a three-year course covering all aspects of interior design, and also include a strong focus on media and print industry skills, so you will be able to produce both virtual and physical designs. Ideal for Virtual Interior Design roles, you’ll learn relevant and crucial skills in responding to client briefs and dealing with clients face to face. You will have the opportunity to commence creation of your interior design portfolio.

With a flexible range of payment options, it’s time to start your dream career now. Competition can be fierce in the area of Interior Design. To successfully make it (in any career) it pays to have the best training and skill sets required to achieve your career goals. For the best kick start towards your career, start your Interior Design course today.

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