December 5, 2023

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Interior Design

Interior Design

Introduction to Interior Design

An interior design professional program is now available. 

This course aims to introduce participants to the fundamentals of interior design.

After completing the course, participants should be able to:
• Apply their knowledge of the principles of interior design

• Integrate human and functional aspects into design decisions of interior spaces

• Identify aesthetic design criteria and space qualities that improve utilization of interior spaces

• Know how to select materials and components suitable for different interior applications

• Identify special requirements for the disabled in interior spaces

• Analyze existing interior spaces

• Design simple interior spaces successfully

• Communicate effectively in drawing and oral presentations

Course Outline
Interior Design Conceptual Aspects

• Elements of interior design: Interior design potential and constraints: Behavioral use of spaces, aesthetic and functional aspects, design for the disabled (one session)
• Interior design style: Classification of styles in interior design, overview on the history of styles (two sessions)

• How to create a theme or character in interior design

• Application: Client/user-mood board (two sessions)

• Colors in interior design: Functional criteria in the choice of colors, psychological effects of colors in interior design (two sessions)

• Design aspects affecting the choice of finishing materials, functionally and psychologically (two sessions)

• Textile, accessories and artwork in interior design (one session)

Interior Design Workshops

Application projects will be running throughout the sessions, where creative thinking and individual ideas are developed while designing the layout and furnishing of an architectural interior project including:

• Home design

• Exhibition design

• Retail design

• Travel space design

• Office design

• Public space design

• Transit space design

• Accommodation industry design

• In-site design

Who can register for the course

Only graduate engineers can register for the course

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