October 2, 2023

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‘Ivy League’ design ideas coming into focus for Thomas Worthington

‘Ivy League’ design ideas coming into focus for Thomas Worthington

Some design details have emerged with the proposed renovations to Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne high school under phase 2 of Worthington Schools’ master facilities plan. 

The proposed plan is still in the early design phases with Schorr Architects in Dublin. But the exterior design elements of the aging Thomas Worthington building are starting to come into focus. 

Thomas Worthington High School is targeted for "Ivy League" capital improvements as part of phase 2 of the Worthington Schools Master Facilities Plan, along with Kilbourne High School. The original section of Thomas was constructed in 1952.

In a recent community meeting to solicit feedback, Jeff Eble, Worthington Schools’ director of business, said the “Ivy League” architectural style was a very attractive option for the exterior of Thomas Worthington. Eble said this style is akin to the exterior of Kilbourne Middle School and is common on Ivy League university campuses. 

“The bottom line was that the traditional Ivy League campus style was what people felt fit best for the site and for the community,” he said. “That’s the direction the architects will be looking at when redesigning the façade of the building.”