December 3, 2023

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Lifestyle Interior Decorating

Lifestyle Interior Decorating

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Lifestyle Interior Decorating

Complete Design Services Offered:

“Designing Your Home”

Hello, I would like
to invite you into my studio! Color is a passion of mine. Are you
someone who has bought a home with little color and just not sure what
to do with the walls, etc? Well, give me a call, this is something that I can
help you with. We together can find the color you will love for your home.
Also, you will see throughout the website many options that are open to
you in decorating. I want to help you reenergize your home! Let me
assist you to create a harmonizing color scheme through use of color
schemes, and accessories to enhance room appeal through window
treatments, wall treatments, and furniture placement and artwork.

My work can be best described as eclectic!
What I mean by this is my job is to find your style and to
become an interpreter of your needs, rather than placing my
style in your home. I want to help you reenergize your home!
Through use of color schemes, accessories & artwork. I feel this
is what makes the enhancement of a room and places your personal
stamp on the room or rooms we are working together to make your
own personal style.

Through window treatments, wall treatments,
and furniture placement this is were after we have began to
build your color pallet  the fabrics, colors & furniture
finally start coming together it becomes what you had always
seen in your mind that is when I know. I have done my job for

out colors that work
together and in relationship to your lifestyle, preferences as well as
the rest of your house can be a tormenting and exhausting project and in
many cases frustrated by not being able to make any decision or afraid
you might make the wrong decision. It might end up in having to repaint
the same old off-white or beige.

Color is where we begin to build your decorating foundation; maybe a
monochromatic scheme (everything in creams, whites and neutrals) or,
bursts of color here and there which
works well for those who have beautiful pieces of artwork which they
like to showcase. But, no matter where the color starts, it should flow
throughout the home, and I will guide you with this all important
selection. More importantly as your Decorator my job is to find your
style! and to never inflict mine on to you. This is your home and I am
there to help you bring your style out.

I look forward to
hearing from you!

Please call today to schedule
your consultation.

“After all my job is to make your home

your favorite place to be!”

Virginia Goshe

Or contact me By Email:
[email protected]

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