October 2, 2023

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Living Room and Area Design Ideas |

Living Room and Area Design Ideas |

Today I am going to pay special attention to one of the most intriguing places in a house – the den room. But let me first explain what is a den room. I think that we can best describe it as a lounge and pleasure room. A den room can be the lounge, studies (white I adore), family rooms, home theatres, etc. It can be even the bedroom! Of course, this happens very seldom but there are some know cases in which the bedroom has been successfully transformed into a den. Now, let’s browse some amazing den ideas.

Den ideas for decorating

You have many different options here. Professional decorators suggest adding different items that may have possesses during your trips to different countries. Usually, you can have two placements for the decoration. One of them is at the wall and the other is on the couch, for example. I suppose the couch is the perfect piece of furniture to be present in a den room. And since it is an inevitable part of the entire interior it provides additional space for decorating – place some stylish cushions and pillows and everything will be perfect.

Den ideas for teenagers

Ok, but what about the kids? One of the most common ways to understand whether a kid lives there or not is the colorful nuance of the particular room. If it’s in vivid and shape colors – this means that a little mischievous fellow occupies the room. And if you have a teenager you’d better think of placing a desk with a personal computer on it where the student can do his or her homework, char with friends, watch movies, etc. This is a very important thing in a teenagers life since he or she forms its own place and corner where it can separately become independent and start living its own social life.

Den area design ideas

What other ideas are out there waiting to be applied in a den room? Well, this is a difficult task! As far as an idea comes upon your mind, try to write it down on a piece of paper and then decide how you are going to apply it. I think that everything is allowed in design so a little bit of experimenting wont heart anybody. If you ask me how do I imagine the perfect den room, I would say that it definitely needs a large and comfortable armchair, a small home library, some nice curtains to soften the mood,  and a fireplace. A small cart full of beverages is also a must.

American den room - with square coffee table

American den room

Black den room - with leather sofas

Black den room

Contemporary den room - with two sofas

Contemporary den room

Elegant den room - with piano

Elegant den room

Exotic den room - with green plants

Exotic den room

Grey den room - with beige sofas

Grey den room

Luxurious den room - with white couches

Luxurious den room

Man cave den room - with leather sofa

Man cave den room

Modern den room - withre mid-century modern furnitu

Modern den room

Red den room - with black armchair

Red den room

Rustic den room - with barn beams

Rustic den room

Small den room - with white sofa

Small den room

Small home office - a personal den room

Small home office


Traditional den room - with white walls

Traditional den room

Explore some more den ideas in the video below:

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