October 2, 2023

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Your Dream House



An unforgettable first impression of the
external image of the building consists of its aesthetically perfect forms.
Design Studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design offers its customers a unique
approach to the creation of architectural projects. The exterior design of
buildings takes into account all the nuances of modern trends in design and
architecture. The combination of the author’s ideas, creative solutions form
integral and expressive images.

The harmony of the external image of the house

Exterior design is a deep and multi-faceted
process which involves the creation of a perfect and harmonious image of the building
with clean lines and forms. In order to harmonize the forms of facades in any
style, from classical to modern, Dubai architects skillfully use all methods of
composition. This is the right scale, rhythm of the building, its perfect
proportions, proportionality, texture of materials and shades. As well as
exterior lighting of the house. Gracefully combining such traditional
architectural elements as portals, stairs, doors, windows, railings,
balustrades, balconies, and others, we create luxurious exteriors of homes that
are true masterpieces of architecture.

Basics of exteriors expressiveness

By creating unique and visually appealling exteriors
of buildings, we aim to reflect the respectability of the house and elegantly
hint that interior is not less luxurious than exterior. Often, the house
exterior design is closely related to interior design. Such things as color,
texture, light and shade are the means of architectural composition, with which
the architect Dubai creates facades of the unique beauty. To make the exterior more
clear and vivid, we use materials with a natural texture, as well as those
treated in special ways. And we also combine advantages of natural light and additional
artificial lighting of buildings.

The exterior design and landscape design

The basis of the ideal image of the building is its perfect harmony with
the surrounding landscape. Typically, the exterior design of the building is
closely related to landscape design. The surrounding landscape becomes a
beautiful frame of a nice building. Sculptures in the garden can pick up the
elegant decor motives of the building. The highlight of the modern houses
design becomes vertical gardening. Especially popular this decor in projects,
which are designed in a modern style. Modern technologies allow to create
beautiful vertical landscapes, giving the image of  a cozy and warm character.

The building exterior design is a very important moment in the work on
each project. We offer our customers 3D visualization of the exterior, which
can also include 3D visualization of landscape design.

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