September 26, 2023

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Luxury house exterior design – Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture

Luxury house exterior design – Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture

A great combination of Art and Aesthetic Creation

Luxury Antonovich Home has been building different types of architectural structures for residential, commercial, hospitality and even in industrial projects. This Luxurious Architectural Design has been built for a luxury house exterior design. At the first glance, you will immediately notice the dominant architectural style that embodies a completely artistic and creative design that has been perfectly arranged and combined meticulously that has been perfectly resulted in the most wonderful and amazing architectural feature. Let us start with the gate and fence design which has been made up of a great combination of different premium class materials and the highest quality design finishing. From the main gate design, you will be noticing a very attractive look from the perfect design creations that has been performed towards the gypsum. We have installed a magnificent fountain design that stands as the center of attraction roundabout over the full landscape design. This luxury house exterior design definitely has the most amazing entrance area as we have decorated it with extremely amazing exterior decorations.

We have arranged a magnificent lighting design presented in this luxurious exterior design with great alignment and balance along with the full exterior design scheme design. During the night time, this luxury House exterior Design has the most fabulous lighting effect that will be perfectly represented the right blend of brightness towards the full outdoor mood. We have installed very stylish and artistic outdoor lighting poles that have been scattered in the full landscape area. We have used a different types of latest technologies in stylish the full exterior design and landscape which are emphasized and also visible during the night with the high-quality lighting design arrangement that we have used.

The next phase is the development of architecture and preliminary design. It includes the following elements;

1. The plan of the building

2. Plan of engineering communications

3. Composite map of the decoration elements

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