December 11, 2023

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Modern classic interior design – Residential, commercial projects, Nobili

Modern classic interior design – Residential, commercial projects, Nobili

When it comes for architecture and interior design services, Nobili Design is the perfect choice. We provide unique concepts, for high class design houses, projects of different sizes, in different places, for a wide range of customers. We not only provide the concepts of a design but also help with finishes and furniture of good quality. With a large portfolio of residential houses in big cities like London, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna or Rome we take on any size of interior project. We have developed concepts for classic style interior design houses but also for modern style interior design houses.

Our commercial projects: hotels, restaurants, cafe bar, beauty salon, shops, hotels rooms and many more are created with lots of dedication and professionalism. Our best interior designers are preocupied to keep the projects in a quiet airy mood, so our interior designers usually think big: open-space rooms, large and wide windows, spacious hallways, extended areas and allowances.

In a modern, constantly developing society, people are adapting and developing in parallel. Thus, people are looking to enhance their home comforts through various interior design projects that make them feel like they are in a special, special, comfortable and warm home.

Nobili Design specialists have met these requirements with brio, the wide portfolio of interior design but also exterior houses and apartments, all over the country, but also abroad over 16 years to date, saying their word. The interior design of a home should not be treated with indifference or done by unprepared persons, as the result will be undesirable.

Practically, it has been established that a warm and comfortable environment enhances the physical and mental relaxation of people living in this environment. Any irregularity regarding the appearance of decoration objects or the use of certain colors or elements and the positioning or choice of inappropriate furniture may create an internal state of anxiety, restlessness or nervousness, without knowing the cause.

Nobili Design Architects, thanks to their accumulated experience, are able to surprise in each unique design project, special features of space, inspired by the professionalism that they prove, but also the needs and expectations of the clients, so that the prevailing in these spaces will be the feeling of peace, warmth, relaxation, elegance, refinement and balance.

The projects that Nobili Design designers perform are marked by classical and modern style. With regard to the services that Nobili Design interior design studio offers, they refer to interior design as well as exterior houses, apartments, restaurants, offices, office spaces, salons, etc. Architects also recommend the choice of high-quality materials, quality furniture, superior durable flooring, and durable, high-quality sandstone and tiles.

For this reason, we recommend the use of Italian branded products, as their use over time has provided us with an excellent image, being of superior quality, characterized by durability and outstanding quality. In fact, their range varies according to our recommendations, but also to the customer’s preferences, choosing whether a classic Italian furniture or modern furniture.

The vision of Nobili Design specialists is projected into 3D technology, being later transposed into reality, just as it is done. Creating a 3D projection is extremely valuable for many reasons. First, the real dimensions of the space are embedded in the design system, so that it will contain all the elements on the same scale as the space that is to be arranged without any concerns about inconsistent dimensions or non-conforming settlements.

Secondly, the client can visualize the space he / she will plan on the basis of the 3D project. Last but not least, viewing the 3D project as a whole, the customer can suggest whether or not it meets their own needs. In practice, however, clients turn to the outstanding and high-quality services of Nobili Design specialists, precisely on the basis of extraordinary visions and the ability to see beyond space, the need and preference of the customer.

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